Vatican is Dead

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Vatican is Dead

February 17, 2013

Turn the Vatican into the world’s largest Disneyland!  Better yet, make it into a tribute to Catholicism by contributing all it’s trillions of dollars worth of assets into providing non religion educational opportunities for the world, becoming a center for the promotion of the rise of female empowerment, as well as a center for the prevention of crimes to children, and generally peace oriented programs for the whole world in a common sense and godly way. The church has outlived it’s other purposes, and some will be debated for years to come. Time that we ‘can open the Vat’ for the betterment of all humanity! Down with all the ‘halloween costumes’ – they are an insult to maturity!

Organizations have often been based on the formula of, ‘problem – reaction – solution’, or sadly they were part of creating the problem, consciously or not, while a very negative reaction crept into life. It is at that point, that those who had a part in creating that problem, suddenly have a solution which provides them control, power, and incidental ‘money’ for their cause to continue the three part formula endlessly. The Catholic Church is not a square peg trying to fit into a round hole in this dilemma but a ‘round peg fitting into a round hole!

The Vatican for centuries has been a sovereign, secretive, gated entity within Italy for centuries. All of the thousands of occupants, whether labor, cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns or others are sworn for life into a code of strict secrecy. Now in the 21st century with the rise of technology, and ways people can individually correct their paths of life available, no longer is this ‘male dominated world hierarchy’ necessary to be the ‘sheeple’ herder of over a billion with it’s outdated methods of imprisoning the minds of children ‘til death do they part into an alleged heaven, and just for it’s members in good standing ‘according to them’.

It is time to see the Vatican is now ashes, and a new phoenix needs to rise to make it a better world for all!

The examination of all holy books in a scientific way has now exposed many fabrications among it’s information.  Holy books have been used by males to provide ‘job opportunities’ for it’s administrators and staff always requiring it’s followers to be members with the promise of eternal heaven for the minority, and hell for the vast majority of humanity. This nonsense must stop! It’s time to see we are starting to ‘grow up’ and when there are challenges in life – love, compassion, common sense, and better educational opportunities will more than suffice. The lights of the world are on where anyone can see we are one, and come from a past of much demagoguery, suffering, guilt, ignorance, superstitions, false religions, as well as every negative under the sun that now needs to clear itself out in the light of godliness. It’s the moment for the rise of all, including females, to correct the ills of the world and rise to a new man and woman as we head to the 22nd century.


  1. Love your ideas for the vatican! I guess the pope is pooped–as well he might be. Greed, guilt, and maintaining mythology as truth are tiring. I would like to see the vatican’s art and documents preserved so we can learn from the past.

  2. The Vaticans demise should support those who have fought valiantly to bring it into ruin.

    I propose it become a “disneyland” for queers, profiteers of societal degradation, and other dregs of humanity who espouse the progressive ideals of communist utopianist wonderment.

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