Livin’ Off of Fat & Medication

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Livin’ Off of Fat & Medication
February 16, 2013
All across America are growing ‘entitlement’ communities stuffed with couples who are brainwashed into the capitalist dream. More and more they are ‘so called baby boomers’ who’ve managed to hold together a functional marriage partly to protect their lifestyle of ‘consumption’. The product of our ‘university system’ which teaches all kinds of curriculum that has little to do with the ‘spiritual, conscious qualities’ that make for a more enlightened world.

‘Living off the fat of the land’ by the so called bourgeoise, has been around throughout all history with riches obtained by thuggery, wars, inheritance, and general greed. America was founded on the premise of equality, liberty and freedom for all. Stuffing one’s habits, typically, and especially from a gluttonous thirst coupled with fear of loss of entitlements has risen among the ‘bottom feeders’ of archaic religions, and the thirsty for investments beyond needs.

Social and personal growth is reduced to a trickle compared to technologies rise in addition to the negative rise of violence, unacknowledged support for wars though taxation, and grabbing the wealth of the victims. The excitement of the 1960’s and ’70’s revolution for a better world has met with a reluctant, ‘select’ better world in investments for the few, many of who spend their winnings frivolously as at local and national casinos. The general ‘nice’ populace are brain dead, be they rich, poor, or in between living while in fear of the unknown, and frustration over the lack of love.

When love and self knowing are low in energy, the ‘seven deadly sin’ cup is filled slowly with at least two or three of those sins as well as the proverbial ‘denial’ of being guilty. Accumulation and leisure that have no purpose, but self enjoyment, obscures the inner growth. You become one who ‘lives off the fat of the land’ always looking for the next ‘lolly pop’ to satisfy the hunger, while it clouds the issues that fuel the behavior of self serving greedy consumption.

Millions who live mostly for themselves are guinea pigs for ‘Big Pharma’ to peddle it’s ‘magic potion – heal all pills’ that end up medicating them into dependent zombies. Addiction to medications to heal what bothers you, frequently dulls the natural healing potentials that humans possess.

There has never been a time on earth like now where everything is fertile for self actualization, and giving to others that want to make a difference in the world especially for those who follow in future generations. There is nothing wrong with making investments on the hidden qualities within!

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