I Value You

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I Value You
February 12, 2013
Whether a stranger from out of the dark, or a lost friend who’s been in the dark for too many years, I value you. Love in your heart is the energy, and means to value everyone , especially those close while increasingly so for those who have escaped to the ‘afterlife’ or those who have, for whatever reason, slipped into the silent fog of times passed by. Love doesn’t play games with the meaning of friendship. The mind sometimes is the enemy of a heart that controls its light. The heart has eyes, and the eyes have tears that seeks the warmth of one loved, as well the ones that slip in and out of memory.

Friends can be fickle, elusive, contrary, misunderstood, but underneath behind all the masks is really a ‘you’. We all manage to look different apart from the physical as each has encountered different life shaping experiences even from the moment of inception. All specie have the same inner characteristics but on closer look, are unique especially those that have had any type of loving conditioning be it with their own kind, or even the lost infant lion who lays down with a deer as their best friend.

The word ‘love’ is tossed around so much that it has become even a commercial favorite, as well as a method to silence or manipulate another. In America during the last few decades ‘ I love you’ has taken exponential use over prior times. I know of one family with little kids where the parents are telling the children dozens and more times a day how they love them. The kids, meanwhile, are prime for characters in Mad Comics! Certainly, the parents value them, but the ‘love’ has gone commercial and manipulative. I had an ideal childhood, couldn’t have asked for more love than I always had, but before ‘I love you’s’ went ‘viral’ neither of my parents mentioned it. Action in value or love speaks much louder than words!

All personal connections have value, or something in them that we can appreciate either automatically, or at least when applying a little thought. What we value, especially from others who we’ve shared some meaningful times with, should always feel the value we place on them especially in these unbelievable times of advancing technology for the ease of communicating. Communication is a means of displaying compassion that ignites feelings of love and value as a special person in these moments called life. To love is always be open to communication.

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