Commercial Marriage

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Commercial Marriage
February 10, 2013
‘Marriage on the money’, uh with a little rock throwing!? Love is sometimes the cream that floats to the top, but like an iceberg, much is often below that signals danger. ‘Drive by’ most marriages, and they are set up in the mannequin windows fully dressed to seem, well, wonderful. Underneath brews a scene in the ‘back lot’ that addresses a very different picture than that ‘quick peek’ displays. Things have gone a little ‘amok’ from those dreams of yesteryear. A closer ‘looksie’ often has revelations that you didn’t expect to find, especially when the look from afar was so ‘Hansel & Gretel’ fairy tale-ish!

Marriage often starts like a bouquet of red roses with the fragrance of pure love. The reality is that the real roses from the yard have thorns that if not handled with love’s sensitivity, cause the same red blood bleeding.

Marriage is not all what it’s cracked up to be, frequently going a bit sour, or commercially oriented. The scent of roses is replaced by the scent of what money can buy that strangely becomes the wrong medicine to hold what has become an institution, together. ‘Taken for granted’ becomes the milieu of the days, months, and years that hold two lost dreams together. Life is rarely like a dream, but conscious, loving reality does make it more than a dream machine. Conscious, loving reality is one that has inner and outer harmony that is stoked by the passions of energy, but also plain ole communication of moving in the same direction compatible for both. ‘Energy’ has a way of going astray, or losing it’s grip on what’s at hand.

Marriage often becomes just a show to the outer world with the inner world, one of shambles. I recently read what is purported to be the best insight into our former President, John F. Kennedy’s life and marriage, that to the public was a ‘fairy tale’, and ironically it REALLY WAS! JFK not only was in a scathing romance with a teen intern but was obsessed with having every woman he could have during the 10 year troubled, seeming virtuoso like marriage. Kennedy may have been an extreme example of a commercial type marriage, mostly for show, but underneath most marriages when the lights to the outside go down, love becomes propped up with crutches, and rubber bands to make it at boringly ‘practical’, and often barely workable.

Loving your inner self is more than a dream. It’s a friend like no other, at least until matched with another of the same ‘inner love’, or at least a couple devoted to making their betrothal with the magic that the world would love to see, and be. An illusion is what could have been if a love had only become a castle in the sky that also lived on the earth. The best investment is endless love.

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