Freedom for LoveSex

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Freedom for LoveSex

Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself. Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things.  - Dogen Zenji

February 9, 2013
The mind drives your energy. Energy can be converted to all possibilities from fear and anger to common sense or love. Energy is neutral, neither this nor that until chosen consciously or unconsciously. The energy that becomes love is the one that can become anger. Hate deeply and love will be virtually impossible, or vice versa. Love deeply, and you will continue to look to find situations in which to express that. Same thing with anger or hatred.

With a free flowing sexual energy you will be less likely to be violent. With sexual energy and love, you will even be more unlikely to be violent. With conscious sexual love energy coupled with another having the same, anger is unlikely to arise.  One of the reasons the military discourages harmonious love between participants, or for that matter, any sex is to keep soldiers in a fighting mind, and not impotent to fight.

Societies don’t want people to have sexual freedoms like that which happened in the 1960’s and ’70’s. In this angry, confusing world today, developed. cultural societies will be likely vulnerable to being overrun by angrier, less developed ones if they are more established, affluent, and sexually fulfilled. If your sexual needs are fulfilled, why go and fight. I can say that from my experience, during the Viet Nam war when I asked myself, why go from love to violence? I chose love, and like many saw it as an unnecessary war  anyway that has gone down in history as ugly and very unnecessary. Energy filled with love is not conducive to violence. Even in the sport of boxing, fighters are encouraged to channel their energy toward fighting, and not love.

A peaceful world is one where the energy is free with sex and love. The politicians and religions salesmen, in particular, put on a false face that goes against all encouragement relative to freedom of love and sex with their use of fear and guilt. Suppression of sex creates a ‘backed up’ energy that needs an outlet, and that outlet is invariably an overflowing desire toward some form of inappropriate, destructive or violent energy. In couple’s relationships two energies must be in communicative harmony, or one or the other may seek selfish, clandestine ways, like cheating on the other, or combative ways as a release of that energy.

Energy wants to be channeled upward with freedom and consciousness. Always seek to rise in consciousness with the most positive energy!

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