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An interesting metaphor.   Thanks to @[367732726624621:274:Miss R•EVOLutionaries].

February 6, 2013
Open your heart, and take a look beyond yesterday’s world of words now, and you will see, and feel the spirit of life. The spirit of life is beyond the words of all men who have crossed the line of godliness to create a god that they have spoken for, and claimed to ‘channel’. The many religions, and their infinite interpretations have left people in a prison like box where they depend to be fed by the trained ‘religion salesman’ to not question what has been decreed in holy books from ancient times. It’s time to be born anew with each breath of life forthcoming. Time to set fire to the past that’s water logged the spirit of joy.

We are not using our best qualities as humans in choosing to nestle up to a ‘book of words’ that leaves more than half of the human race as less than equal. No one knows how long the human form has been on earth, but few ‘learned’ would guess less than hundreds of thousands of years. This moment now is the culmination of a growth of thousands of generations who have come before in the struggle to survive, and unknowingly kept the spirit of life alive to pass on up to you. For many ‘aware’ millions, ‘now’ is the pinnacle of all life that came before. Billions though, remain in the quagmire of darkness and false hope.

It’s time to ‘break out’ in this ‘break out’ time, and let go of all programming that isn’t inspired by nature and experience with love. Our capacity for the brain to search for answers to any question has been stretched infinitely through technology that feeds unlimited research and information to step out of the ‘old ways’ that were often debilitating for the growth of a loving spirit. We are spirits occupying a temple called a body for a clearer resonance of learning life’s many facets that ultimately contribute to a new, more conscious ‘being’ individually and collectively.

The time of parables, allegories, metaphor’s, analogies, and archetypes to illustrate qualities of living is being replaced with a more conscious time when ‘real life’ can become the teacher void of the ‘old interpreter’ who’s dependent on your tithes and attention. Clinging to the dry words that are taught in religion colleges to paying students of religion who become alleged spokesmen for a god must be challenged by using your own wisdom to find the light directly.

Religion with out meditation, and the acceptance of questioning everything is like screaming with a sock in your mouth! Relig-o-spirit is to worship love, and compassion for all on earth using common sense, an open heart, and discernment in all action for yourself and life. Devotion to the spirit of love is what gives you the wings to rise above the foray, and into a deeper breath of love. photo

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