Males Luv Dolls

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Males Luv Dolls
February 3, 2013
Walking the streets on a dark night, would anyone fear an attack by females? Females luv guns? Considering the disproportionate amount of male violence, maybe having some doll activity, or training for young boys with dolls might have some merit? Around 95% of gun shootings are by males! Does a female really think of a gun for shooting another female? Guns are primarily for protection. There are approximately 300 million guns in the US, or one for every person. 39% of households have a gun in the home. Females, consciously or unconsciously acquire a gun for protection AGAINST MALES!

Physical violence, or the real threat of it against other humans is not primarily about guns, however it seems to be a male mental malady. What separates man from animal is the ability to choose, or not, to follow a life path of compassion and sensitivity toward all other life especially other humans. Not all humans reach the biological age of maturity equally. Those who’ve endured varying amounts of abuse have an opportunity to find ways to get out of the emotional and mental quagmire while acquiring lessons that can be passed off to others needing help with similar experiences, or just avoiding the perpetual continuation of ‘abuse’.

Males have ruled, and continue to rule the world politically, economically, psychologically, and as ‘claimed’ representatives of their interpretation of a god that allegedly needs them as their ‘proxy’ judge, jury, and hangman. Misogyny, cloaked or in plain sight, is abuse to women’s right of a higher place in the world. Wherever there are wars, and bloodshed, males are there, often doing the work of other sinister male forces who abuse power, and the transparent way of accumulating wealth. Men in general, are out of control, and yet in control through fear. The minority of men who are above this nonsense are along with the majority of women, the saviors of humanity.

On an emotional and mental level, females can be as negative as anyone, in fact some would say worse. To be alive in these times, where everyone in many cultures has access to unlimited aid on the journey to becoming the most conscious being in their families known history, is a divine gift that would be turning your back at this pristine time of benediction to ignore. We have unlimited abilities that no other form of life on earth has, and while we are here at this rare, perfect time in history to move beyond our internal liabilities is an opportunity to be a part of a new breed of a more conscious human.

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