Lightness of Being

    Lightness of Being

    January 27, 2013

    ‘I just want you to know who I am’, is the theme for a popular song. Few are able to express who they really are, but most don’t know, and the ‘receiver’ of that perspective is likely in the same position. Hence, the poor communication that exists in the world. How many are consistently in harmony with their best and real side?

    The world is filled with wonderments, not all are best for experience without knowing and preparing for an encounter. An example would be watching a volcano erupting from too close of a viewing point, or watching a tornado while in it. People are wonderful, but not at all times, and sometimes it’s best to keep a safe distance from them.  People are still not focused enough on the ‘art of sensitivity’, and how to be in harmony with others. The world population anywhere you go will find nearly all individuals with different forms of negativity, and barely clinging to a positive side.

    I have rarely experienced with thousands a denial when I ask them if they are ‘open minded’! They all say yes, until I ask one of many questions to see if it’s true. I see the positive and beauty in everyone, but they don’t see much of what I see within them. People are rarely not a juxtaposition of energies negative and positive within them. Positive is ‘fragile’. Any negative ingredient will likely change it’s nature as with a gourmet meal, and something that doesn’t belong. The Priest who does good work is not worthy of his role if he molests your child. Someone else is always there to help without that ‘darkness’. The ‘lover’ who pledges dying love to you, and later moves on or becomes something very more negative than at the beginning of love negates a lot of positivity.

    There may be no perfect person, but certainly there are some who exude ‘near perfect lightness of being’, and that possibility by loving themselves. Pretty much all of humanity has enough negativity within them to send a sign that you had best carefully tune in to where they are at carefully, or position yourself at a distance where little of their negativity enters your aura and field of positivity. Deep within, all are perfect they just play an outer role that confuses both themselves, and those they interact with. Identify and own the negative within, and always be moving into the light. Never forget that ‘lightness of being’ always has humor, and a smile ready at all moments. Ever heard of a religion that endorses laughter? Life is a dance, pick the best, joyful dance partners!

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