Freedom from Imagination

Freedom from Imagination
January 26, 2013
Imagination is a powerful human quality that has no limits. Nothing on Earth has the human capacity to imagine, and see what could be. From movie land in Hollywood to space age inventions to our personal imaginations reflecting our desires inspirations endlessly unfold, we are truly blessed with the unlimited ability to picture anything we want, and then pursue it. Imagination gives inconceivable freedoms! This is the moment in history like no other where we can run wild with out imaginations. Imaginations imbibe the use of believing. Most believing is that we can go from one point to the other with ease, and most of it is without thought, but knowing from experience.

Imagination in the form of ‘believing’ becomes embedded in us through many experiences to where it even is no longer thought of as either, but accepted as ‘natural’ experiences. Most things have at least two sides, be they positive or negative. We have more freedoms with imagination from healing ourselves, turning obstacles into opportunities, creating new ventures, to seeing the bright side of everything. Those are ‘freedoms with imagination’, but imagination out of control, and fueled by negative prior experiences can become an addictive mind behavior that goes to the various depths of ‘fear’.

Imagine what it would be like to always wake up with a positive expectation, excitement, and a gratefulness for the opportunity to make the best of each day regardless of obstacles? There are a small percent of people who live that way everyday, and they have the positive imagination that they can make whatever confronts them into, at minimum, a silver lining of hope. In the darkest of days, a candle is always burning within to cast a light on a way to make the best of any situation. If you are often void of inspiration and hope, you have let the negatives of imagination in your being.

‘Freedom from Imagination’ of that which brings the many assorted negatives of feeling and thought is everyones opportunity to see that they have also within them the ability to access ‘freedoms with imagination’ that rise above, and make disappear the shadows of negativity. There likely may be moments in life where ‘imagination’ seems to cancel all hope of better moments, and that nothing could be darker. At that point, it’s best to imagine how to deal with circumstances to move into the light that awaits. Make ‘imagination’ your friend, and trust that it can lead to blessings ahead.

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