Lip Sync Luv

Lip Sync Luv
January 26, 2013
‘Fake’ makes money, but creates false trust. Spiraling advancements in technology coupled with the accompanying creative ways to sell more beyond the authentic, or truth is putting the masses further into a deep sleep. People accept and buy that which pleases their imagination without looking with a discerning eye for the falseness or harmfulness in anything. Seeking truth beyond ‘beliefs’ and imagination is to be on a path of spiritual consciousness. People become euthanized by clever marketing and gullibility.

Whether it’s the news media that is always conscious of not offending their sponsors, or the political establishment, and the audience for higher and higher ratings to the producers of modified food and pharmaceutical drugs, integrity to truth is missing. Adding something ‘fake’ to anything, dilutes it’s wholesomeness and integrity. Awareness and discernment in all aspects of life is more important in these ‘advancing’ times more than ever.

Unconscious ‘thieves’ of truth for their own agenda are everywhere. Your soul is real, and it’s here to experience truth and love. As it is, everywhere most people are supporting infinite lies through working for ‘entities’ that only marginally care about the welfare of their employees as well as consumers they sell to. The ‘profit motive’ takes precedence over the real value. Why do, or buy things which are lesser in quality than what’s available? Your soul is here to experience a fulfilling life that’s actually being stolen from you with every hoax, fakery, and deception right as we live everyday, unconscious of its effect.

Start unraveling the points less than the truth of the highest available opportunities. That begins with opening yourself to a commitment to always seek the high road. Happiness is often a misnomer looking for a quick fix. Change that habit of feeding what feels good at the moment. Most important, find a ‘meaning’ in life that fulfills you. Seeking ‘happiness’ will then not be a goal. Dedicating your life with a meaning that serves others will bring its own reward, and inner satisfaction. Pretending, faking, and being a part of the outsides imaginary games with ulterior motives that do not serve your truth needs to be let go of.

Love yourself, another, and others beyond the superficial ‘luv’ that is merely a ‘lip sync’, and not real but artificial. Always be growing into the spiritual you that is your inner potential.

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