Bubble Friends

Bubble Friends
January 22, 2013
Somebody that I use to know . . . but ‘poof’ – what happened? In a sense, we are all ‘bubbles’ – here today and gone tomorrow, and often unbeknown to most friends of yesteryear. Life is in movement, at times filled with hustle bustle moving from home to home, job to job, city to city, experience to experience.  Friends go from the polarity of ‘friends on a social network’ on the internet that are nothing but fleeting, to relatives from parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins to partners as in ‘wife, husband’ or lovers.

Each friend is unique from all others. Most friends, though are ‘light’ friends that, due to circumstances, deserve the moniker of ‘acquaintance friend’. These ‘barely friends’ are one type of ‘bubble friend’ that comes and go’s. Regardless, each has something to give for those paying attention, and hopefully have something to receive from you. The phrase, ‘love your neighbor’ is applicable, and an opportunity to share valuable experience even though very momentary, each one can add to the collective of wisdom.

Unfortunately, we have another kind of ‘bubble friend’ that at one point appeared to be a ‘special friend’, be it even a relative or mate. Mostly for reasons unknown to the ‘victim’ of their being invisible or out of communication, this type of person chooses to be unavailable for any further relationship. If you were attached to their friendship, a certain amount of confusing hurt results that sometimes is akin to the experience of a death of a very personal, important friend. If the distancing was their choice, it’s wise to accept that, or to use great sensitive, and skillful means to reconnect with little expectations.

‘Bubble friends’ of all kinds are part of life, it’s how you deal with them that is most important. Many people are ‘up and down’ friends within themselves. Inside everyone is the best friend you’ll ever likely find, yet most never realize that. Loss of a friend, however it has happened, is an opportunity to be sensitive with the hurtful feelings that you may well have, and perhaps for longer than you’d appreciate. Those feelings are energies of love that are trying to break through and embed energy into a deeper love. Send those deeper feelings in the form of love for the one missed, and for your life. In this case, giving out will result in an invisible receiving of growing love for yourself and deepening overall compassion.

Be an inspiration to yourself always, and you will find a friend like no other!!

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