Greed is Ego

Greed is Ego
January 15, 2013
Greed is behind the killing, destruction, suffering, and harm of all life to satisfy appetites for more and more. The ‘accumulation of the most toys’, be it at the expense of others, doesn’t matter to the ‘greed vampire’ for he is a wizard at justifying himself as he forges ahead to unconsciously become a sociopath, or even a psychopath – insensitive to others. Even on a global level, the ‘karma of greed’ is speeding to the destruction of life for today’s children soon to be adults trying to survive from drowning in generations prior greed.

The world is on fire, be it a slow, increasing, unchecked smoldering that is always on the precipice of a flash termination or crippling. Insensitivity for others causes far more damage than any sensitivity that others have toward all life. Rational sensitivity is what makes it a better world be it with plants, your pets, children, partner, co-workers, community, and world at large. Ask yourself, if you’re in full awareness, and compassion for the other person(s) in your life? How well do your actions, or lack there of, work for others?

Being ‘better’ at the expense of caring consideration for others feelings, is ‘greed of ego’. You are always a teacher, and a student, never holier than thou. Give to people. Looking to ‘take, take’ creates and embellishes greed, and silently creates increased hardship for others. Life may be a puzzle, but why make it a more of puzzle by taking from the innocent to fill your ego’s selfishness and pocket. Help others out of love, not an agenda to serve your thirsts. Help without love creates a lot of mischief, be you a public servant, missionary, a friendly neighbor, or one of a partnership. Don’t make giving a duty. It make the other feel obliged and uncomfortable.

Too often we see what we want to see. Be free in the mind to see what’s right and sensitive. Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and is a major factor for discord on all levels of life. Meditation is to empty the attachment to desires, and live with minimal expectation. Taking and hoarding is quite the opposite of giving and receiving, which comes from the heart. Greed is a bondage to habits that have become addictive and define you. Stop your life that serves mainly you more than others. Be the inner you, and see that all else will be taken from you. Why lose ‘you’ if it’s the only thing you will leave with? Spiritual-conscious you is all the inner qualities that give freely.

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