Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land
January 17, 2013
More of the world than ever is run on fantasy! Technological developments, and man’s desire to escape the reality he sees fuels a ‘trillion’ dollar business to fulfill the wishes of billions. It’s like the ‘good fairy’, or the magic ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’ has magically created a new world of technological wonderments for fun, and yet to destroy. What is not fantasy for the viewer is more than likely added, or replaced by ‘window shopping’ of sports, or some form of entertainment that is really again, a form of ‘non participation fantasy’.

Today, billions can live in illusion like never before, avoiding the realities including learning self love, how to deal with personal problems, and eventual death. Religions are filled with fantasies, and fueled by ‘religion salesmen’ who are hucksters in sheep’s clothing, doing good work, but covering up the lies that keep their flock in fear, and coming to the ‘temple box’ to recharge their ‘illusion batteries’ on their journeys before stepping into either a Heaven with all kinds of ‘treats’, or a Hell for eternal awful treatment. Selling fantasy pays one from ‘basic upkeeps’, to the greed fulfillment of creating a ‘material heaven’ here on earth.

The news media is held hostage by their sponsors, from the drug companies selling mostly placebo illusions to infinite products, and services to cure all ills that befall the unlucky. Information ‘omitted’ creates and fuels many fantasies. ‘Hope’ sells as ‘belief, faith, or trust of what the spokesperson is presenting for money, but is actually, mostly based on illusion, fantasy, or non provable facts.

Fantasy can be good as a way to relieve seriousness, sometimes creating a warm feeling, or even laughter. Living to mainly ‘input’ the outer world, and not discerning between reality and fiction is to lose your opportunity to be a real loving, compassionate human being who helps others harmonize with life. Reality is an opportunity to see, experience, and grow from it. Fantasy can have as it’s intent for being a ‘parable or analogy’. More likely, fantasy is usually not meant to be seen as real life, but for amusement, and not serving to condition one to take others words or expressions without questioning there veracity. Escaping from reality as a way of life distorts experiences and personal growth. Real life accepted as a positive experience, opportunity, and/or challenge is more rewarding than living in fantasy or in a simulated virtual reality.

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