Tune In!

Tune In!
January 14, 2013
In the 1960’s at the old McArthur Court basketball arena in Eugene, Oregon, the lights went out after thousands had filled the stands. In the middle of the floor a single lit candle showed the barely illuminated image of a man sitting in a Yoga position. His first words were, ‘tune in, turn on, drop out’! I can assure you, everyone tuned in, turned on, and dropped out of the mind at that moment. In the dark subtle surrounding sat a man who had graduated with a Master of Science Degree from Washington State University and a Doctorate from Cal at Berkeley, California. Later he was involved with research in ‘psychedelic drugs’ (LSD) at Harvard University. Ultimately he was fired along with buddy Richard Alpert who became the famous ‘Guru’, Ram Das. His name was Timothy Leary.

In the ‘60s the light on part of the world began turning on ever so more visible to cast light on the whole past of humanity. Some got it. Some flipped out on drugs too far in the search for some ‘Nirvana’ that had eluded public awareness for all history, but for a tiny few. Most only saw something was happening, and they chose to not be part of it. The ‘sexual revolution’ began where women were tuning in, turning on, dropping orgasms in mass as never before. Some men began realizing that in partnership with another (usually female) they could achieve what the rebel spiritual Master from India, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also a former Doctorate recipient, called ‘Sex to Superconsciousness’.

Tune in to your inner core, or love of self inside you, and enjoy. When ‘tuned in’, enlightening lights  and a feeling of joy or benediction ‘turns on’. ‘Drop out’ to me is letting go. Letting go of barriers to experience your inner enjoyment. I live in a ‘spiritual, mystical, magical town where the sea and mountains are all around. The community ‘motto’ is ‘enjoy’! Let go of the past, meaning being unattached but still aware of the all that transpired. The so called ‘bad’ happened, and strangely gives the opportunity to be more ‘sensitized’ than others not having those experiences, and use it for good.

Drink deeply from your essence which is love. Living in awareness and truth gradually there in a tuning in to it, turning on, and a ‘dropping out’ of ways that are of the outer world without ignoring what’s needed for survival. Absorb the positive feelings letting the warmth and compassion melt the ice of the mind that goes astray. Cultivate a love for truth. Be in tune and harmony with the awakened love in whatever form it comes, it is ‘synchronicity’. Let love sink into you. To be in tune, in the East is called ‘Satsang’.

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