Slave to Insecurity

Slave to Insecurity
January 13, 2013
Whether you’re walking across Niagra Falls on a cable, or encountering ‘anything’ in your life, insecurity had best create maximum awareness, and skillful means, or you’d best have a backup plan. You will always be unnecessarily insecure about anything without finding that security within yourself of who you are in the highest consideration. Why be attached to ‘insecurities’, and let them lead you by your fears when common sense will tell you that a ‘secure’ person wouldn’t see the cause as legitimate? It’s a ‘cause-effect-solution’ situation with any insecurity, and the cause answer is likely inside your brain.

I have occasionally been in connection with someone who has a penchant for arguing, and also a ‘projection’ that it’s ‘we’ arguing, when in fact it’s them doing the arguing with themselves while I ‘serve’ it back for them to continue arguing with themselves while they are thinking it’s two way. The message is to be secure within yourself so that you have no need to fall into someone else’s ‘insecurity’ trap. Whether someone loves you, hates you, disagrees with you, or whatever, firstly, it’s their choice, and you have the choice to make the highest position for you, or move into the trap – hopefully with eyes wide open using common sense.

We each live in our own world, and are best to see when we project it on others, particularly if it’s negative, like anger. Watch your anger, hatred, fear, or any negativity, and see that it’s you alone who are having it. Whatever emotion you are filled with, it’s not at someone, but within yourself. Hate me, and you will not feel any compassion from me. Show love, and you’ll see appreciation, gratitude, compassion, and any like form of reciprocity. In a way, there is a ‘knack’ to dealing with, or responding to negative or positive encounters.

Stay out of other people’s negative habits way, and look for skillful and compassionate ways to suggest ‘skillfully’, that they take acknowledgement of them. Had a ‘fleeting friend’ who spoke in hard to understand language. He was 100% American, but had a certain cultural lingo. After a couple of years of having him repeat what he was saying, I was in a very humorous, compassionate mood to say to him, ‘I have you repeat, because I can’t make out what you are saying, and I want to know’. After a little conversation about that, at 63 he admitted many people asked him to repeat what he was saying, and he always thought it was because they had ‘hearing problems’!

We can become slaves to our habits, and to insecurities by not taking responsibility for the fears they cause us to. Take responsibility to identify insecurities both within you, and acknowledge them to others! People love others who can see their insecurities, and claim it’s them, and not you. Be ‘free’ and truthful to diminish attachments to slavery. ‘’Love is nothing but an opening, a receptivity, a welcome, an invitation, that “I am ready; come, please.”  Let go, and be ‘In Security’!

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