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Pot & Football

January 9, 2013
Using pot to improve your love life is like lighting a match to look into the gas tank! Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but marijuana isn’t for improving one’s love life, or life in general barring use for doctor prescribed medical pain use. We can only hope that ‘legalization’ recently will be a good decision and solve more problems than it creates.

In the late ’80’s, early 90’s word was the ‘world’s greatest athlete’ was just coming into his own. In Southern California, a tall, lanky red head became national news that he had been guided from birth by his father to be nothing less than the greatest football player ever. His name is Todd Marinovich. He was the #1 high school football player, and touted as the ‘Robo Quarterback’. Every moment of his life had been choreographed to be this ‘Superman’ of football. He led his college of choice to national championships, but word began leaking that all was not well. He had become a constant pot smoker that crossed the line into ‘abusive’.

Off the field, Marinovich had found a way to ruin himself even more so during his first year of spectacular pro football experience. He began feeding an emotional, spiritual emptiness that his rigorous training from childhood left out. The ‘Robo Quarterback’ was a real human who needed that inner high, or love missing from major discipline since childhood. He found it in smoking pot, but as time ‘rolled on’, that didn’t do it enough. He made attempts to retrieve his status as a ‘football god’, but continued onto more drugs from cocaine, LSD, and finally after no football team wanted him, playing with a schlock band strung out on heroin – always looking to fill the ‘emptiness’ within that was left vacant throughout his youth. As of this writing he is an aged 43, near bald compared to the fiery, long red haired ‘mercury of the football field’.

Point is, nothing – nothing replaces the inner love that is searched for by using the abuse of alcohol, or anything that alters the perception of life. From the ‘mountain top’ to fighting for the scraps of memories from the mountain top, life and love cheated for fame, or material gain has it’s karma in drugging yourself while hoping to regain the high’s of the outer world. Whether it is pot or any drug to come to a high, it’s a ‘buffer’ to the real world as you gradually lose life and love’s focus. Instead of finding ways to ruin your life, take the slower route to climb up the inner mountain.

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