Dating Sites ‘Mask’

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Dating Sites ‘Mask’

January 5, 2013

Going to a gambling casino, the likelihood that you will walk away with anything let alone less, or with a small return is about 98%, at the minimum! As a participant in any amateur or professional sport, that percentage of outcome will negate any future welcomes. Yet, apparently folks are deluded into thinking, it’s better than sitting in front of the TV, or commiserating over what isn’t and should be. Shopping at Walmart for quality where 80% of the employees are on food stamps, and doing better on a dating service, are about the same.

Everybody pretty much is nice, at least if viewed from a certain perspective. Dating services first appeared in New York’s Village Voice in the mid 1970’s to much curiosity. Since the advent of popular internet usage, porno sites as well as ‘find a soul mate’ sites have flourished among the more fearful and less aggressive romantic wannabes. A little curiosity is normal until it becomes a habit that evades looking inside yourself as to, ‘why’! Porno sites in particular seem to reach ‘drug dependency’ levels for men, and frequently those who hide behind closed doors from the wife.

Biological needs should be secondary to emotional, and spiritual needs for a well balanced person. Married and using dating sites is ‘over the top’ of compassion and common sense for yourself, partner and unsuspecting date. It’s all too common that people wear masks to be someone they are not in order to be the recipient of their desires.

The mask hides who you really are mostly from fears of imagined rejections when the truth is, being your real inner self is always appealing particularly to the few who don’t wear masks. Always deal with your inner fears, and be available for those doing the same in any search for companion connection. Having no fear of closeness to another is to be balanced, adventuresome, and vulnerable. Whether on dating sites or just meeting someone casually, a real love life doesn’t begin just because two people agree to accept each other’s faults as they are, or in the beginning are hidden behind a ‘security mask’.

I have seen many otherwise wonderful people move into their 30’s, 40’s and beyond still searching for that ‘special one’ while not looking at themselves in terms of ‘unfinished near qualities’ that they just refuse to deal with. As a result, life draws it’s curtain on an unfinished symphony that ends unwritten. We are here to love, and love with all our heart, mind, body, and soul. This isn’t suppose to be a rehearsal that never has the curtain rise on, or keeps opening and closing. Life is a stage, and not for acting as someone who you really are not, but being a live, vulnerable, deeply loving being that brings, and shares that state to another as well as the world. Fact of the matter, dating ain’t making it! Face the music, and be part of it with all your being of love uncloaked.

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