Safe Wife Cheating

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Safe Wife Cheating

January 4, 2013
Heard more than one woman claim that women cheat a lot too! I can assure you, it’s minuscule to the joys that men indulge in! There are several million prostitutes and escorts, active and retired in this country alone who are, or have been giving ‘quickies’ for tens of millions of men! Cheating can be fun, but for the likely consequences which you can only imagine. It’s past time that more wives start having the freedoms that men have taken advantage of in all history while taking responsibility for safety, and then consequences that may arise.

Cheating while married is a bit of an oxymoron situation in that a real marriage is two people operating as one. That means a total communication with no secrets, and a dedication to each others evolvement. In that circumstance, there can be no cheating unless both have the agreement to give the other freedom to do that in secret. Hardly a likely possibility.

If cheating does occur, and it’s found out, the one cheating can at least be repentant, humble, and willing to take the consequences. However, a mature partner who was cheated on should always be open to dealing with it in the most positive manner possible, and in the interest of continuing a more communicative marriage. People cheat for excitement, but similar excitement can be with the one you’re committed to. People cheat when something is missing. Ironically, when in rare cases, nothing is missing, the urges to experience others intimately are even more there, but harmonious communication opens any freedoms with that activity. Variety is an inherent desire in all humans whether it be food, or any living circumstances. Always, that should be communicated in committed ‘pair bonding’, and with an agreement that are in harmony with each other. Marriage, among other things, for most is a school to evolve through learning, and love to a higher being.

Life has challenges, but mostly there is an opportunity for an exciting day everyday. ‘Just the two of us’ is best as ‘one’, but in compassion for the separateness, wants and needs of the other so they work for both’s freedoms. Freedom is a major impetus for stronger love. Freedom requires responsibilities. Love is giving and understanding of the others wishes. ‘‘Live this day well. Let a little sunshine out as well as in. Create your own rainbows.’’ Always, nurture love within, and for the other!

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