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Christianity is For Kids photoJanuary 2, 2013
Greatest thing about Christianity for me was getting together with other kids in a friendly gathering. In addition to Sunday school, was an evening gathering for fun. Often it’s called, ‘Youth fellowship’. Church is great for kids whose parents need a little help with guidance for their kids.

I had a well respected Uncle who was the pastor at the largest of 25 churches in my area. Conservative or liberal? I never thought about it, but he was encouraging for the rights of females, and a loosening of puritanical sexual practices, at least to a point. I was a very curious guy in my teens about who the adults ‘really’ were in our church. Through persistent questioning, I get a lot of insight from my pastor uncle that everyone was quite special, but….

My uncle was also a well respected ‘marriage counselor’ that facilitated his getting to know everyone quite well. He confided in me that ‘all’s not what it seems’ to those who came on Sundays to worship. He related that every couple in church, that he was aware of, had significant problems in their lives usually involving the ‘marital’ aspect. He did say one thing that still sticks in my memory when I was 18, that everyone for the most part came because they were sick, and needed help. I assumed that meant that they were not able to find help on their own, or didn’t have the money to pay a therapist. The church doors were open for everyone, and the offering given was individually chosen to reflect what they could give or tithe. Of course, one of the reasons to go to church was for business connections, in fact I always thought some did ‘church hopping’ to increase connections.

As time has gone on, I see unlimited resources for people to use for their personal evolvement from infinite writings of a positive, helpful nature from self help groups, yoga and meditation groups, the internet, and just a better general mass consciousness of what’s healthy or not.

As I look around both in personal experiences, and in the world, it does seem though that it’s all mostly held together by ‘rubber bands’. The real hope seems to be in the minority who have found the path of love, compassion, and awareness apart from the rituals and calamities of the moment and past. The ‘saving grace’ or ‘savior’ is clearly those who continue to know themselves apart from what others tell them, be it in religion, or just in the world of inner opportunities in being conscious.

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