Beliefs are Insecurities

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Beliefs are ‘Insecurity’
January 6, 2013
Millions of people have been ‘defrocked’ of their ability to ‘think’ outside of the pablum they’ve been ‘hardwired’ with. Thinking without any ‘belief’ is to stand tall above the programmed inoculated masses who run their lives on false words from a God who doesn’t even speak one word. The bible, Quran, Torah, Bhagavad Gita, or any holy book is filled with ancient rhetoric by men, some of which is inspired, but needing ‘cherry picking’ through the negative or non sensible dictums. Amazingly in this technologically evolved world with trillions spent on education that not one individual has ‘cleaned up’ any holy book to be a positive, inspiring compilation of direction for human evolvement.

Each year around winter time, people are terrorized by possible death if they don’t get a flu shot to avoid the ‘evil flu’. The ‘holy books’ likewise are used as an inoculating devise to wash the brain of it’s ability to think critically with common sense, experience, and use intuition beyond what they have been to their fears of death.

Those who really love, and become that overflowing being of love capable of manifesting it completely, have no need to believe in a god or not, or being an atheist. An inner silence takes over where one’s very nature is breathing love, especially seen and felt by those capable of receiving. It doesn’t matter who comes close to you, the inner vibe of love silently fills you into a sense of warmth and joy. Love has no if’s or buts of conditions, in fact it’s not dependent at all on ‘beliefs’! Is there a god or is there not? Love is a truth that doesn’t need belief or faith if it is in the deepest core of your being. There are no arguments of it as life’s greatest existence.

‘Beliefs’ in a god or no god forever creates a polarity of differences. Not the same with love. You can intellectually say you love, or there is god or not, but the effort is shallow unless love becomes your very nature. Love is not a belief unless it’s conditional. Unconditional love is a state of being that is not dependent on any one other being, but the translucent heart within you. Love is the only hope in the world as it can be reached and experienced by all.

Ask yourself, why you go on giving love, when you don’t have it in the first place?! Likewise talk of your ‘belief’ in god when you don’t know what ‘god’ really is! All you need is silence, and a heart filled with love.

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