Bible Salesmen

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Bible Salesmen
December 30, 2012
‘Slick Willies’ who have found a way to make money from a book that they purport is the book of truth. There is more to be ‘honestly’ made selling ‘parsley’ than pushing the contents of a book that basically implies that all other books, especially ‘holy ones’ like the Quran, are not written by God, therefore perhaps by some ‘devil force’. ‘Snake Oil salesmen’ for ‘god’! Anyone with common sense, knows that a god can’t write in hundreds of languages let alone in English. I’ve never met one of these salesmen who had the courage to talk with me without using the crutch of his memory of scripture!

Yesteryears religion hucksters have gone, from Evangelists Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Jim and Tammy Baker, to Jimmy Swaggart, etc. The new ones from Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, and Rick Warren have all cashed in on the pockets of those too fearful, and lazy to question ancient authority. Popes of course, lead the pack of ‘controllers’ of weak minds. The politicians, in their own interest, continue to support these characters to keep both of them from being in the ‘food stamp’ line. The formula is to sell what’s good in the ‘book’ while ignoring the ridiculous ‘pomp and circumstance’ that condemns all to hell but those who accept the Savior for a free ride to eternal heaven.

Of course, all of them do many good things for some people, mostly because they are in the best position to do so, and it covers up the questions of the ‘pacifiers’ that are given to the vulnerable. Do-gooders always need to be questioned for what their good deeds cover up! The priest who tends to his flock, may well also use some of the flock for his carnal desires – as an example.

No information that is proselytized for conversion, to accept that information, is ‘any truth’ to succumb to. You are one of a kind with inner potential greater than any preacher who has walked the earth, ever. Any smart ‘bible salesman’ today knows that the best credible, objective, research in this computer age has not been able to validate the existence of any of the ‘holy people’ or events, like ‘the great flood and Noah’s ark. But, it sells and keeps people away from the aids to self discovery like yoga, meditation, and love. Either of deep use of those three negates the need for all salesmen of religions. ‘Slick Willie’s will convince most otherwise from their programming in thousands of hours of study of their product written by god(?!). The ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ has been sold, but have you tried a ‘twinkie’? ‘God’ is a word to codify a ‘presence’ that can’t be defined.

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