Screaming Knowledge

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Screaming Knowledge

December 26, 2012
Ever get burned out on people whose quarter never runs out with more than you really want to know? Call it ‘streaming knowledge’ that make you want to scream, but out of politeness or fear, you say nothing to turn the human babble machine off! Don’t get me wrong, some of these ‘talking parrots’ are nice people. You can find them in person, on the phone, and today even on the internet. You and I have an alternate brain that makes  this type of persons rambling of knowledge tiny in comparison. All we need to do is get on the computer, ask any question, and get answers to far more than anyone has knowledge of.

These ‘knowledge junkies’ can be found everywhere from schools to heads of churches and temples, to politicians, or even the ‘bohemian’ who shuns work. In my experience, most are male, although there are a small percentage of female. These types are ‘wells of information’, but only if you have an interest. When there is no interest, they fire on all cylinders anyway. Doesn’t matter who you are, they are happiest when there is a human in front of them who appears to enjoy, and if they don’t, he doesn’t really care that much.

Having had spiritual centers and communities, plus hundreds who want to chat about something I wrote in my free speech, I’ve partly learned how to politely ‘derail’ them by a variety of skillful means, including bringing someone else into the conversation, then turning my attention elsewhere. There are many ways to turn off their chatter including incessant phone jabbers who I often set down the phone on, and let them ramble on while I occasionally pick it up with a ‘uh huh’.

I’ve never incurred one who wasn’t blocked emotionally though. They are usually attached to their ego from all they purport to know, and forget about the inner feeling of any form of deep love for they are too verbally busy! Silence is ‘holy’, and much can be transmitted through it of much greater value.

Knowing is higher than knowledge, and now with another ‘brain’ on the internet, no longer does knowledge, that is verbalized for control of the listener, not be outdated. Knowledge has it’s value and place, but knowing, especially inner knowing, usually has much more value. People in positions of control have kept humanity locked in prisons in all history with their reciting of scriptures and laws that seemed to enhance their power over the masses. No longer. Truth be known, mostly they have an ‘eidetic’ memory or total recall abilities that until recently were regarded as ‘intelligence’. Love is intelligence.

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