God IS Not yer Pop!

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God IS NOT yer Pop!

December 27, 2012
Our Father Who ‘Art’ in Heaven? What the hell is this ‘everybody’s daddy’ is in some heaven among the billions of galaxies? Well that’s what millions have included in their prayers for generations! Are Christians ‘stoned’? HELLOOO! It’s wake up time to ‘smell the roses’, and enjoy what’s real. What the hell is a man doing ‘art’ in some mythical place anyway? Only thing crazier than that is ‘reacting’ to it, and being an ‘Atheist’! Earth is still in it’s retarded stages even with near a billion who have gone on to college. WTF is going on anyway?

Now, prayer can be wonderful, and I’m positive it can be done without ‘pop’ being in some ’art’ Heaven. Prayer needs no religion! Does that occur to most people of religion who judge those who are not part of their ‘sect’? I suspect they are not sure, or would say no. The word ‘God’ has great significance, but it is generally given definitions, missing that there is no definition as the word represents a mysterious presence. To be is to be ‘in God’, and have God in you.

To breath is to breath in god, in fact there is no other way. The word God, in whatever language has meaning in the air we breath. No air and we don’t breath, but air is there whether we are or not, call it God, or life and death, as well as all in between. Denying God is silly. The ‘life force’ is there whether you acknowledge it or not. Believers in God, and the opposers, or atheists are both wasting time. Why believe or not? God is whether we call it this or that or mix up the letters ie., odg. The word God is utilitarian, and practical to identify a presence that is beyond life and death.

‘Our mother who art in Heaven’ is just as valid as using father, but it’s better to drop both identifications. Be in gratefulness, God can’t be reached on your cell phone or computer. The closest possibility is to be in a state of love. Prayer is to show gratitude, and not as a means to fulfill your desires while trying to persuade the presence. In America, people usually seem to be always looking for a ‘deal’! Look no further than the best deal you’ll ever find – YOU! Your best friend, YOU! Let go of the negative, and start with a clear slate every day! The life you save may be your own!!

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