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Have Faith or …
December 25, 2012
There is no factual truth behind much of the ‘holy books’, that’s why ye of so little faith need faith. Belief is stronger than ‘knowing’? People who ‘know’ are not likely to lose their ‘cool’ when challenged. Believers easily get angry if challenged by common sense outside of what they have learned. I have spent the last 20-25 years talking to thousands of people. I have learned to ‘tip toe’ with fragile egos when confronted with information contrary to what they believe. Often, ‘they’ even say they ‘know’, and that’s why they believe, and have ‘faith’ in ‘scripture’ from whatever religion adopted. Confusing isn’t it!

Just trust that what you believe is the truth, even if belief implies doubt!? Now, no one is saying that faith isn’t sometimes stronger than having no faith, beliefs, or even thinking you know. Faith, belief, trust make sense, but only if in pursuit of knowing where all three are open ended to seeking that place of ‘knowing’.

Millions of edifices, be they church, temples, mosques. or any place of worship  are all over the world under the directions of leaders dedicated to keep you in the ‘faith and belief’.  Times have evolved with highly technical means, better education, and unlimited opportunities to verify many things of the past. Some of those thing were ‘believed’ without any scientific means of establishing them as fact, such as when we use to think the earth was flat. Man has been the ‘master’ of embellishing illusion, or beliefs as reality from Disney pictures to Santa Claus to the Greek heroes like Orpheus, Achilles, or Hercules.

Scribes from ancient times created characters usually based on prior legends, and beliefs as archetypes, or models of moral character to show their fellow man the path of righteousness. Man over the millenniums, up until today, rarely discovered the way to use his faculties to arrive at knowing himself, as well as a deep love within. Life was often too harsh, challenging, or too short to mentor himself to an evolving spiritual state, hence the stop gap measures of ‘religion’.

If you want to have faith, trust the belief that you are more than you know! Closed ended faith that isn’t open to seeing the steps to an inner knowing has been ‘viral’ throughout history. Fear has been a deterrent that has created a dis-ease in humans. Being on the same ‘page’ with millions that isn’t on the last chapter pages exposing illusions with objective, verifiable evidence, is a path to confusion and false hope. Love is a path from ‘belief’ to an inner feeling or intuition that there is a deeper and deeper love and harmony available. Follow that path with an open mind and heart to the joys of truth. That’s a clear, open road of faith to ‘knowing’ . .. then the ride gets better!!

Winter IslandWilliams, Oregon Dec. 21, 2012

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