Yesterday’s World is Dead

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Yesterday’s World is Dead
December 21, 2012
Makes no difference whether you call it the end of the world, in a year, day or whatever, ‘it’s over! The world is dead from all of time going back to man who lived in a cave, and dragged women by the hair with a club slung over his shoulder. The end of the world is terrifying for most, bringing up every kind of fear. The scriptures of the past for all religions are rotten! They may once had answers for those who lived then, but today’s world can’t continue living in someone’s past. Doesn’t matter if some of the scriptures are valid, many are not.

You have to discover the new scriptures, and they are in your heart, and common sense as you experience the journey of life. Enough of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Time to take the plunge off the cliff of yesteryears, that’s all illusion anyway. Only fear will keep the closed minded nestled in the false comfort of promises of a heaven in the sky after disappearing from this life that you’ve been a sheeple in. Belief systems are nothing but a gambler’s game where there are no winners, in other word’s, a ‘sugar coated scam’!

Going on postponing is a dead end. The Mayan calendar said the end of the world is December 21, 2012. As I write, that’s today. Know that ‘time’ is an illusion to use as a practical means of measuring all movements. There is no time. Time is love, in love there is no time. Drop the net, like the allegorical Jesus saying to the fishermen to drop their nets and follow him. That really means follow your highest inner being, for that is the divine, not in the scriptures that the archetype of the perfect being never read even.

There are far more dead people walking than live ones. Follow your heart, and let the dead play their game, and bury the dead. It is wonderful that the world has died – let that be all societies, religions, political systems, etc,. while opening up a new world, free of the limits of fear dogma of the past which has become a means of the greedy dead to control you for their advantage. The world has prepared itself for its suicide. Let us use the old world as a seed for the new consciousness, and human being to arise.

Let go of rubbish within that you don’t need. Reevaluate the outer world you live in, and ask yourself if it represents your higher self. Decide to live in the old world, or make a quantum leap to a new, free, and loving you in the world of you in the ‘here and now’ moment! The world has been insane, help make it to be in ‘sane’. Love is the key, and it’s in your heart!

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