Sin is Natural

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Sin is Natural
December 6, 2012
But, sometimes not a good idea! ‘Sin’ as used by religions, is essentially used to instill guilt in people as a method of ‘programming’ for further indoctrination. Dead people, or those ‘holier than thou’ who think their way is the only right one, are incapable of ‘self discernment’, or compassion for others. Open minded, aware people are not the real ‘sinners’, but those closed minded. Sin is natural in the sense that it’s unconscious or oblivious. Not paying attention and creating something less than could have been created is a sin especially if there are repercussions. Being unaware, and things do go wrong. In a sense, be all seeing, and be aware that reactions in unawareness are the consequences for those not paying attention.

Acting in consciousness, with what would ordinarily be a sin, won’t be as likely because you wouldn’t do it, and if you did by chance, you’d use maximum discernment and compassion for another. The Hebrew word that equates to ‘sin’ is not the ‘ogre’ that Christianity threatens people with, but it means ‘forgetfulness’. You can create a facade,   a character of righteousness or morality, and even avoiding lying, but it is out of ‘programming’ as the thing to do, in other words in unconsciousness. It is still a sin. The most important thing to not forget is yourself, instead drifting through life thinking you’re someone who you are not.

A religion salesman, saint, or a sage of some kind may have a superior memory ability, and with that, and much studies, appear very much to be an authority of wisdom. The world has been led astray by these unconscious impostors who give the impression of knowing great truths when in fact it’s just a remarkable memory, in this case, of the scriptures. Remembering the outer, and forgetting, or not even knowing who you are is a sin that follows you wherever you go, and contributes to every other moment.

All beliefs, when knowing is available are sins. What is available to be known, and not payed attention to, is forgetting to be aware. Not seeing due to ‘self induced clouds in the brain’ is to thwart information that keeps one on the journey of awareness. Any blocking of information that’s particularly readily available is plain ‘stupid’, and falls under the title of ‘sin’. Behaving like a ‘holy art thou’ when you depend on knowledge, and especially others alleged knowledge, is to be a parrot. Knowing, being aware from the heart is the road of authenticity.

Sinning is in the end, irrelevant. Consciousness is golden. The heart is the connection to life. Knock on truth’s door, and enter the world of godliness. Life is short, the journey is long, better hurray with an open mind and heart. Embrace the moment, for that is where the light is for all succeeding moments.

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