God Doesn’t Need Religion

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God Doesn’t Need Religion
November 28, 2012
Religion, though, needs God … at least at the level ‘it’ is appealing to. No ‘holy man or woman’ needs the school or hospital called ‘religion’! Your pastors, priests, imams, rabbi’s, and people in the business of doling out ready made answers from over a thousand years ago exist in the millions to herd the sheeple as self appointed ‘caretakers’.

One of my grandma’s was a sweet, little old, lady born in the old country of Sweden who always had ‘butter cookies’ for us when we would visit. To me, she was what a ‘grandma’ was suppose to be like. She never talked about religion, but went to the Lutheran Church most Sundays with her Sunday hat and dress. She had never heard of yoga or meditation, or that there were serious points of contention in the bible as well as all ‘holy books’. There was no point in suggesting it, and if one did, it would be like talking in another language. Funny thing is, until in my late teens, I wouldn’t have known much otherwise either, except suspecting something needed ‘more truth’ to it.

One of my uncles, was an eminent protestant pastor. I was always ‘nosey’ with him as I went to his church. One day I asked him what was the main reason people came to church? His answer, I’ll always remember. ‘‘Because they are sick’’! That ‘sickness’ usually revolves around ‘fears’ that show up in many ways such as negative behaviors, guilt, depression and needing inspiration, wanting answers to why are we here, and on and on. Time was not long ago, when there were few alternatives available for people in ‘need of personal answers and inspiration’. Prior to the first half of the last century rarely could one find inspirational books other than the ‘bible or some other religion’s holy book’.

Today, the book stores are flooded with books of inspiration, as well as there being every kind of group imaginable to raise consciousness, or be more ‘godly’ within and  toward others. No bible, or any ‘holy book’ is now needed. In fact, God is outdated!

Being a little more clear on that, since there is no agreed upon definition of a God, everyone stumbles over their own interpretation when asked, ‘what is God’. Each person is much better off using awareness, and cultivating love through giving, being sensitive, compassionate, discerning for best action choices, doing meditation, and cultivating a sense of humor. That’s a good start to being godly, and not worrying about a God in the sky, or what amounts to a ‘pot shot’ at defining God. Be ‘godlike’, and an example in high consciousness for others to emulate. Any God would like that!!

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  1. Thanks Arhata, these are wise words. We have no need for all those priests. We have all truth within our selves. Yours, Ole, Denmark

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