Fear of Communication

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Fear of Communication
photoNovember 27, 2012
Lingua-phobia, or is there another word for it? Failure to communicate is a serious way to impair, and end relationships. This is serious in all relationships from work, roommates, family, friends, partners of love and more. It’s a REAL problem when relationships crumble, and disappear because of it.

The guarded communicator shuts down others abilities to convey many, many things. A ‘communicator’ with empathy will inevitably stumble, or find themselves unable to communicate with lingua-phobic types. In fact, a person who loves open dialog will begin to feel frustrated, maybe even bored with someone who shuts the door on the flow of conversation both ways. All relationships for this ‘avoider’ of communication will be marginalized or disappear.

How can you really know the status of a relationship without discussion or free flowing dialog with no limits on topics, or if it’s a ‘love relationship’ why should there be any resistance to talking about anything? Love creates a sensitivity, and an openness. If there are still obstacles, love deeper, make agreements if necessary to venture into each others secrets with no consequences but loving. An open communication is about no omissions which are a form of lying. Assumptions are omissions if any subject has been avoided. Truth needs communication! To be on the ‘same page’ is to know what the other knows that is of a personal nature.

Fear creates an unstable situation. The only way to overcome fear, is to do exactly what the fear tells you not to do. It is extremely important that the lines of communication are fluid and open in order to have a healthy relationship. Never assume. Take the time to ask. To hold back ‘talk’ is really a form of censorship, and just pure selfishness. The closer the agreed upon interaction, the more open should be the communication.
Communication involves a sensitivity and empathy for the other. Let it be an art that transforms into a sense of intuitive knowing with another. Arguing, debate, or even discussion has limitations that dialog, or moving and conversing from the heart in the same direction doesn’t have. People needing to endlessly talk are coming from fear, and a lack of compassion for the ‘alleged listener’ who is often too polite or uncomfortable to state that it really isn’t communication but, an ego filled litany of babble that isn’t concerned about the listeners desire to listen.
Some of the finest communication happens in a silence and a ‘knowing’ between two people who are already in communication. Can’t we all just learn to dialog – we’ll get along much better!

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