La La, Di Da Da Da Dum

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La La, Di Da Da Da Dum
November 23, 2012
Singer, Billy Joel, sang a song called the Piano Man about people getting drunk, and stoned out of loneliness and self pity. Well,  ba rumpa, bump, bump, do a drive through the streets of America from the tenement apartments of New York City also with it’s 40 to 90 story hi rises for the lucky (?)few to middle America’s sleepy towns streets. Behind those windows sits millions of stories of joy and sorrow with opportunities that are rarely not just ‘pie in the sky’. Typically, behind those windows are people who are only casually concerned about what’s going on in the world, let alone inside themselves.

Few are not just sharing a drink of loneliness, and a sense of apathy about life. Everywhere people spend too much time looking to be entertained from without rather than from within or ‘innertained’. Know of a beautiful girl always down on her luck with relationships, and still wanting a baby! Hellooooo!? Earth to 45 year old space woman! I’m lying by omission!
I actually know of 3 who fit this picture more or less, and lots more with different circumstances.

Looking for love in all the wrong places, and with the wrong mate is ‘viral’ as people look everywhere but first being one in love with who they are on the inside. And, for those looking for a ‘bed partner’, they are in the same dilemma as ones who’ve already found one, but have let the love slide into barely a ‘word’ which is interchangeable when addressing their dog or cat. Love seems to be falling to pieces. Love grows deeper in time, not love falling into pieces that need a divorce court to fix to a memory.

Walking around with a ‘carnival in your head’ especially in the fear parts is a sign that an overhaul is needed, or maybe a reset button, but not one that puts you back where the problems emanated from. The chance for a new romance begins now in breathing deeper naturally to feel it within. The lips of love are right there on your face just needing the heart to infiltrate the mind for  a kissing off of all past negatives, and acquiring an innocence toward the moment and future, especially the moment. There is only one to love first, and looking everywhere but within is like a sleight of hand hallucination that only repeats itself like a ‘broken record’, or a merry go round that just goes up and down. Step into a moment of endless rainbows leaving all that doesn’t really matter behind!

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