Islam is to Love

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Islam is to Love


November 25, 2012
The religion of Islam is ok if it gets a new set of clothes, and a good cleaning of all that’s negative! Islam means to ‘submit’ and is derived from the Arabic root ‘‘salema’’, or peace, purity, submission and obedience to the will of Allah (God). Submit, by many opinions, particularly among women, is a bad word! That needs personal examination if you’re on any path of love! To submit in a positive sense is always ‘voluntary’! The word ‘obedience’, which is part of the interpretation of Islam, again is a positive interpretation meaning ‘staying to the measure’, or in other words having faith that love is the way.

Whatever you pay attention to, becomes stronger. Pay attention to love, and not the negative and misery of the world, and love will be your light and Allah or God. Never commiserate over the negative, however not that one should not be aware of it, but always seek the ‘love’.

The meaning of ‘Islam’ is mostly corrupted by those who get stuck in the words of ancient times and their made up meanings, while missing the simple word ‘to submit’ to the will of love. Let ‘allah’ be interchangeable with love, compassion, joy, bliss, and all aspects reflective of love. God is no ‘thing’ separate from every aspect you hear, see, feel, and only from what you imagine, which is an illusion. In fact, there is no word for ‘everything and nothing’ put into letters. We just pick a few letters based usually on earlier word meaning, put them together, and leave it to personal imaginations to create in their minds whatever suits them, even if it’s only an illusion or in the sanskrit, ‘maya’.

Why pay attention to what ancient herdsmen/scribes who likely lived without anymore love than most today, said. No one in their right mind wants and needs to be forever quoted, in fact if one chooses to read this, and gets something out of it – fine. Why look at it again, not that here and there for whatever reason you choose to. There are perhaps a few million males and females today, and recently passed who have thoughts more beneficial to you. If that doesn’t make sense, nothing will, not even parroting words of centuries ago.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and don’t do anything with the intent of hurting another is enough ‘scripture’ to send you into ‘tomorrows wisdom’! Discern when to submit, and with awareness. In the submission, you may, with love uncontrolled, find yourself in a surrender, and an inexplicable merger with love. Call it Islam if you like – but not important compared to the state of being one with the divine. Paradise or Hell is not a place out there, but an invisible force within you that you have payed attention to and fed! Peace, love and freedom be upon you!!

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