Seriousness – A Laughing Crime

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Seriousness – a Laughing Crime
Nov. 20, 2012
The enemy of earth is people who have forgotten how to ‘lighten up’ and laugh, or smile inside. Go into any church or mosque, and it’s all about ‘seriousness’, even the songs or chants are methods to make anyone yawn. Can you smile or laugh while yawning or while ‘seething inside’? Studies show that young children laugh about 400 time per day!
Somewhere in a holy book, it says ‘be like a child’. I say, ‘with awareness’. Now that same study shows adults on average, laugh only 15 times per day!! Time to loosen up, and bring back that innocence!

As time goes on, and people I’ve known in the distant past, plus older people I meet, seem to have gotten ‘jaded’ about laughing as they once did. Seriousness has a place and time, but not one that fills the moment, like walking with a rim filled glass of water where any disturbance could upset the delicate balance. It’s no delight knowing you have to walk a tight rope with serious people who’ve reduced their laughter to 15 times per day! It’s always time to encounter reasons to laugh especially in this ‘serious world’.

The very few ‘self proclaimed’ enlightened ones I’ve met seemed to have mastered seriousness, and forgotten that ‘enlightenment’ entails a ‘lightness of being’. People with ‘belief systems’, be it UFO aliens or their serious clinging to a religion, have a ‘walking on thin ice’ tolerance when their beliefs are challenged. Nice people with ‘beliefs’ are like ‘Jekle & Hyde’ when anything poses a threat to their little bubble of belief. Playfulness is next to godliness. Turning innocent thoughts expressed into a judgment by a listener that darkens any verbal interaction is fodder for pure and simple ‘censorship’. An open mind is one with compassion, empathy, and free of judgment.

It’s a crazy world in need of more ‘lightness of being’, and free of judgments. You are in control of your internal laughter machine! Laughter meditations and exercises are to be taken seriously for the cure of ‘seriousness’, and will bring back that childlike innocence that has laughter ready at any moment. Life in a way is a great cosmic joke. Take it too seriously, and you will go on missing it. It’s best understood through laughter. There is nothing on earth that has the blessings of laughter at will, or in an instant. Tune into the laughter of an innocent child … it’s a real sense of freedom!

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