Pot Heads Legalized

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Pot Heads Legalized
November 22, 2012
There are good reasons for legalizing marijuana as recently happened here in Washington State and Colorado, but being a consistent recreational pot user is to deny intelligence. Millions think not, and naturally they are those ‘pot heads’ who look for an easy way to deal with their unresolved personal issues. Supporting the idea of consistent recreational use of pot only slams shut the door on all personal development. Meditation and love have zero need of any mind altering stimulant. Good, high conscious common sense is suggested to use for what line to cross, or not in any use of stimulants.

Legalizing pot is something even a god would agree to! Millions of people’s live’s have been harmed both in the selling environment, and the using environment. Drug cartels have created unspeakable death and damage wherever they exist in trying to market any drug. Millions have gone to jail or prison even for small possession of marijuana with their lives, and others, often affected negatively for life. Regardless of those who abuse the use of pot to incur damage to both their physical self as well as psychological growth, it’s everyone’s right to get high, but hopefully with intelligence. Everything that brings pleasure can, and will be misused.

To judge another’s use of a stimulant is walking in personal territory that is offensive to anyones freedom as long as it doesn’t put others in harms way. However, people need to know when the line is crossed for life altering be it a slow, almost invisible habit, or one that Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke of the other day on CNN news. He spoke of many sudden deaths because of ‘stacking stimulants’. ‘Stacking’ is taking two or more drugs in the same approximate time frame, and that includes taking too much of one. It’s wiser to see ‘stacking’ is usually from not enough love, self and otherwise, in addition to good common sense.

Set yourself on fire to seek love and freedom before the storms quell all possibilities in existences greatest moment of opportunity to celebrate life’s blessings! Spend a little time each day thinking about what you have to be grateful for starting with the unbelievable temple (called your body) that houses your perfect soul. Pot heads say ‘grass’ is god’s natural gift to mankind forgetting that poison ivy is natural too. Wow! Let’s not overlook the ‘natural possibility’ of ‘Love’, and it’s endless blessings!!!

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