Sex, Religion, & Smoking

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Sex, Religion, & Smoking
November 19, 2012
Sex is universal, whether plant or animal, to procreate, but only in humans can it be a beginning path to higher states of consciousness. All aspects of nature are inclined to feel an energy that over takes them to pleasure themselves. With humans, particularly, the pleasure can be one way, or mutual but of a quality less than possible. Sex for physical, mental or emotional desires is quite different than ‘high conscious love’ that results in a journey of ‘sex to superconsciousness’. Perhaps the example of comparing a little electric car with a top speed of 30 miles per hour with a luxurious Lamborghini sports car with a cruising speed of 150 miles per hour is indicative of the difference.

Many things block an enlightened love, but all emanating from fears and the ignorance of how to let go while rising beyond the barriers. Both religion and smoking allow repression of issues that block one from a celestial, superconscious love,  AND, the likely ability to see that state of being. Religions help you with the right hand, and with the left numb your ability to choose who you really are without their guilt ridden dictum. A smoke screen that turns off enlightened thinking, as does actual smoking.

All dependencies that are not done in consciousness are addictive, and make you a controlled, manipulatable addict/sheeple.  Those things that cling, cannot easily be walked away from, and are seemingly needed for some form of making life better making people hallucinatory ‘drunks’ that only befuddle the mind from looking at the underlying issues that fester in the dark corners of the mind.

Human sex is a trap that releases you while best being used as a meditation devise to raise one into a surreal like consciousness. Stopping at sex for just primal satisfaction is to contain oneself in an immaturity which will not reach to the outer reaches of a real deep love that ordinary sex will not bring. Reaching the pinnacles of love will create a new you whatever you do. All actions will forever be from the heart and consciousness, and not looking just for personal satisfaction or gain.

Giving to others from the clear heart is a blessing that always comes back to you.  Many things create a false ceiling for reaching the ultimate shining of love. Religion, with it’s smothering dictums, forever creates a fight within with no release if its clinging to. Smoking is the same. Nothing of a godliness is possible. Remember the old saying, ‘there is nothing to fear, but fear itself’. To be ‘free’ there must be no fear by whatever name it goes by.

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