Relationships are Relative

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Relatives ARE Relative
November 18, 2012
Forced friendships are not the best use of our ‘love energy’! Friendship with relatives, be they blood or inherited are as relative as Einstein’s theory of relativity – it depends on circumstances, and ‘them’. Heck, how many have a friendship with themselves? Families are rarely not dysfunctional, if not now, give it a few years when things change, and not always for the better. Life is wonderful, but not for everyone. Millions out there forget that friendliness is next to godliness. Sometimes people just haven’t met their best, unconditional loving self yet.

There are many possibilities when it comes to people’s reactions, and value of friendships. Often a friend will mean more than all the relative’s friendships but together! I know of one younger, sweet female who has no trouble with living friendships with her relatives, for she no longer has any! Life for her is a hidden fear of even getting close to someone who could be a real friend for fear of abandonment. Is it better to have a relative who won’t be friendly than having none anymore? It’s ‘relative’ to the love within you for yourself, for the best relative may be yourself!

People are strange – relatives even stranger partly because we are taught to get along and appreciate connections of the blood. It’s good to acknowledge and remember that those who choose to not be friendly with any or all relatives, are likely dealing with their own issues while of course, denying it. It’s rarely the person who is ignored’s fault. Some  unfriendly relatives when it comes to other relatives, and ignoring them, are just dealing with their own unresolved stuff in their head. Everyone’s world is shorter than imagined, and there really is no common sense room for anything but love and compassion.

Rather than suffering in trying to change others in this crazy world, change yourself! Seek out those people who are open, positive, and looking for more love in the world. Spend time being a good friend to them, and helping them even if they are in the moment, strangers. Are not most really strangers, and even enemies to themselves? Don’t impose yourself on any others, for they may be dealing with more than you or I can really help them with. Be open to them coming around, or not. All humanity are your relatives, and many are lonely, and more friendly than those immersed in their ‘mental stuff’.

Be free to be your real self, and move toward those few who cherish the same way! A loving person just accepts everyone for what they choose to be.

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