Third Wife

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Third Wife
November 17, 2012
If marriage with the first spouse is wonderful, it will be similar with all the next wives (or husbands). A little known ‘love fact’ is that marriage which is terrific actually can create the desire to be with many others. Serial love with many partners, when it works well, whether resulting in marriage or not, is a very good use of love if all partners are in high conscious compliance. Variety is definitely an option as is partnering with only one person. However, doing it with only one’s personal satisfaction, and welfare is not a use of love but for ‘stimulating biological greed’. In fact, it’s an abuse of love.

I have seen many couples close up, some into their second or third marriage. Asking them which was better, they inevitably, maybe sheepishly, say the latter one, but upon further questioning they admit that there is not much difference given that they were younger and less mature. I suspect that many marriages discarded would have worked out as well in time. It’s natural for all people to wonder and wander in their imaginations as to what another would be like, and perhaps there are different qualities that are inviting.

Some males of certain religions seem to think that it’s better to keep the first wife while selecting another and another to join. Deeply loving each is a near impossibility given that likely none of the participants loves themselves deeply. I’ve asked many, ‘would you like to be with someone just like yourself inside (and with many outer differences and interests). Usually, they would not want to be with another who has the same negative issues that nearly all have of one sort or another. If you love yourself, you would want to be with someone who does likewise.

Love one deeply, and yourself, and the world that is programmed to be a certain way in societies acceptance changes. Deep love opens up the heart and mind to love many, especially of a higher vibration. Divorce from one should be as enriching as the marriage if both are mature and in communication with one another on a compassionate level. When souls merge, as they do with mother and child even, the souls residue from each left to the other changes who you are.

Love is never for one person, responsibility may be, but it’s to respond with love in mutual agreement. We have entered a new age time where love takes priority over with who, when, where, and how, but love always looks out for the one loved even as love manifests differently. Always acknowledge love with the one you were and are with. ‘Love given’ activates a completion when received by another.

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