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November 16, 2012
Arguments, debates, and discussions are mostly much ado about nothing! There is one way that is best, and that way should be taken. Agreements don’t need the likelihood of the friction of verbal entanglements. There need not be situations for disagreements when harmonious dialog is possible. Dialog is being in the heart, and moving with others in the same direction for the best result. ‘ADD’ or Attention Disorder Deficit is best with the ADD of Arguments, Debates, and Discussions. When everyone is in their heart and discerning awareness, answers flow like a river.

Resistance of the ego into unskillful means to communicate is merely a dis-communication that trips on where the intent should be, and that is to arrive at the truth. The truth among two or more people is a step into compatibility. Brains are best when connected rather than dealing with a resistance that gets the mind and emotions in a quagmire of quick sand that becomes immovable.

The world’s people have forever found themselves stuck in moving every which way but one true harmonious way. The political establishment as well as the 300 or so religions have dealt with selfish, self serving beliefs and ‘word twists’ to control the masses. Disagreement serves those looking for control when working at seeing a mutually beneficial way loses out in endless hankering of one kind or other. We are all one, but those declaring that are obsessed with their way being the only ‘one’ way, without acknowledging others ‘believed ways’ to be an ‘ultimate’ way also. Division is to protect the inability to flow in the same direction. A house divided against itself will only breed infinite resistance to coming together as one.

The outer world primarily is one of people collecting more people on their side to challenge the others for control that ends up benefitting only those who are the real only beneficiaries. Change to moving in the same direction starts with each individual examining and correcting their division against themselves. Knowing is rarely a state of conflict where ‘believing’, especially among egos, is taking the long, often painful, arduous, way that could be arrived at in infinitely shorter order with harmonious dialog.

A river that moves in different directions is one that is fraught with unknown dangers. Life is best when winning is the only optional direction, and not winning to win over others at their loss, but winning for best answers to help all get better answers and results. The open heart opens dialog in a one way direction.

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