My Dog Smokes

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My Dog Smokes!
November 11, 2012
My dogs name is ‘Smokie’. She’s not allowed to do it in the house though. Believe it or not, she like’s cigars best – but not to eat for sure! I think it all started when she saw a group of teenagers being cool with fags hanging from their mouths, or maybe it was the sweet smell of cigar smoke? She’s the coolest dog around, or so she thinks! I’m proud of her! Interesting, she doesn’t have to eat as much! When I got her from the animal shelter, she had been abused a lot, maybe that’s why she likes smoking, to fog her mind up of the memories?

Smokie will have a shorter life than most. She is 7 now, maybe a couple of more years? As a human she would be 49, and like most who smoke, she won’t live that long. If she does, it won’t be with the consciousness of my brothers 15 year old little dog who loves to play in his innocence. Sadly, it use to be ‘cool’ to smoke, but now it’s just a coward’s way of committing a slow suicide by ignoring the signs everywhere by the more conscious to not smoke here.

Even in motel/hotels across America, no one wants to have a ‘second hand smoked in room’ who’s healthy. Still haven’t met a vegetarian who smokes. Never met a meditator who knew what they were doing who did either. Even in ‘Doggie Rescue’ places there is a ‘no smoking’ rule. Maybe instead of ‘saving money on dog food’ for the extra few years of her possible life I should hide the cigars? She is coughing a lot lately, and has trouble with her legs walking. Read where smoke affects arteries even in the legs, and the person doesn’t even know what caused it!  Hmmmm?

Maybe my dog should meditate then she might lose her appetite for cigars. I gave her ‘shrooms’ once and she went in her food bowl! I guess smoking or chewing hallucinogenics can create a lot of crazy consequences. Someone even told me words can be hallucinogenic – I’m not even going there on the bible having that effect!

The young puppies in the neighborhood may want to model after Smokie, and be big shots too? Maybe smoking is for kids, but why do adults do it? Ever since I’ve been paying attention to how old people are who die, I’ve noticed a great amount in their 50’s who die from ‘smoking in the mix’ of bad habits. Life should be a series of good habits, laugh, enjoy, love and stay healthy. Kinda like it’s giving to others too!

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