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Die-t Kills!
November 13, 2012
What better clue on the money making ‘scam your lazy self’ label on food and drinks for weight loss than the word ‘die-t’? In America, there are so many people overweight that scientists are concerned about the earth tipping. Fortunately for the profit motive, we are fattening up the rest of the planet. Health? Who cares! Leave that up to the ‘organic-check-the-ingredients’ nut cases! Word is, ‘we no longer need intelligence to survive’ – that seems to have gone viral!

In Japan, where they sell ‘pink pepsi’, they have also created a new pepsi that actually ‘escorts’ the fat out of your body! As a former corporate salesman, I learned not to sell the product or service, but the ‘sizzle’ that excites the imagination. What else will they think of?

I know of one of many users of ‘diet coke’, ‘because it tastes good’! She drinks 6 to 10 cans per day, smokes because it calms her down, and is 150 pounds overweight! Says she is slowly cutting back, and is somewhat under doctors care with diabetes problems!
Millions of Americans have similar life styles as they buy 2% milk, and diet this food and that food! Even athletics bears evidence of obesity. A few decades ago, baseball’s biggest guy was 6’ 4’’ and 245 lbs. In this years World Series, one star was listed as 5’11’’ & 285 lbs!

The national debt of the US has ballooned from several hundred billion to many trillions of dollars.  Trimming the fat is a problem! I have an acquaintance who has an expensive battery powered wheel chair. He weighs over 400 lbs, and, get this – is 74 years old!! At my free speech display last Summer, a young woman delighted at my display board entitled, ‘Diet Coke Kills’, was prompted to tell me that her mother quit drinking it 2 years ago. She was drinking a CASE a day (that’s 24 cans!). She lost 150 lbs over a years time (she obviously must have been over 300 lbs!).

‘Die – t’ seems to mean to avoid this or ‘die early’! I would call it a ‘slow suicide’! The secret to a better life is there is no secret! AWARENESS, sometime referred to as ‘paying attention’, and being discerning can be a life enhancer the natural way, and even a ‘life saver’! Love yourself by being ‘aware’, and selecting the best choice, or always taking the high road! Help common sense, at least, go viral!

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