Burglar of Love

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Burglar of Love
partnership and love
November 15, 2012
There are more ways than I can count or imagine to ‘take love’ for personal satisfaction! Life works best when we walk in ‘sensitivity’ to all of life, especially where love is or has been. Stealing positivity from another or others to benefit yourself is to be a thief who only serves themselves. Whether personally, in business, in espousing belief systems, or wherever, harmony with consciousness is godliness. Insensitivity can and usually does have, whether seen or not, a domino affect that reverberates it’s negativity to many who are quite innocent.

Love truly is in the air, or the air wouldn’t even be there, as it’s not in most of the cosmos. We take ‘air’ for granted until it’s either not there, or filled with undesirable qualities. Love often becomes taken for granted, or is treated as not even existing except in imaginations. Love is best manifested in consciousness. Air is invisible, and yet we know it’s there – so it is with love except most don’t seem to know it’s all around you as well as inside waiting for acknowledgement.

Obliviousness often comes in unconsciousness, which if never coming with consciousness, always has negative consequences. It’s always a good time to set fire to the rainstorms of life, and clear the skies. Life in unawareness opens itself to the elements of negativity in its many forms. Truth and sensitivity clears a path of living life’s best breaths. People steel from life on all levels from the overt physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual sometimes by knowingly ‘taking’ from its uses to just ignoring habitually what satisfies them in the moment.

Too many live in ‘train wrecks ready to happen’ while either pretending all’s ok, or sedating themselves into procrastinating thinking that ‘tomorrow is the day of my new life’s resolution’. Smokers are prime examples that have ‘stuck’ all inner progress in life as they ‘smoke it away’ convincing themselves that they are just helplessly addicted, and yet people who go to jail or prison suddenly find themselves surviving just fine without many of their ‘bad habits’. Prisons are places to meditate to later go on in life without lots of garbage in the mindset, not that many wakeup to that possibility.

Living is potentially a good or even great habit, if stopping once in a while to examine where you are in the forests of life, and setting bearings more on track to greater outcomes. If you can’t start now, take a moment to backtrack when you did the last time, and push ahead from where you lost your footing. Life gives love energy if you open your heart to it! Why be afraid of the fire of love?

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