Woman Power

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Woman Power
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November 10, 2012
This is the age to celebrate the growing power of feminine energy to change the course of the planet to a more enlightened, heavenly star in the cosmos. ‘Mother Earth’ is not an accident of speech, but two words hidden in plain sight since life in its godliness introduced people into a man and a woman. Man has done his work, a mixed experience of both evil and good, in large part the evil has been from the abuse of female energy. It’s time to turn the terror of ‘lightening and thunder’ into an ‘enlightening and wonder’!

More and more, women in the more educated parts of the world are wisely electing to remain free and non married, even if they’ve stumbled and didn’t find the love they innocently sought. It’s time to stand by love forever within yourself, and if it happens, only with one who is in that sensitivity. At this moment in time, there is much to say for being alone and giving, to raise the energy of ‘mother earth’ and it’s children who need mothering to grow in feminine energy. The ‘heroes of godliness’ can now take the breath of divine energy to implore them to heights of a superconsciousness.

The ‘Goddess’ in all needs to awaken. In a way, it matters not that natural selection made one male and the other female. We must all be angels of compassion and love for the whole of life. Tomorrow and yesterday are both today! The wings of perception need to spread beyond judgments that keep humanity needlessly grounded. We must open our wings while at the same time making the best of our roots. These are now good times to feel the joy, blessings, and ecstasy of what life has waited forever for our participation. These are good times, it’s all up to you. Cherish the opportunities to watch the world from above, and be like an angel with the heart beating like the drum of the earth.

Like the ‘bumble bee’, it’s time to pollinate the earth with the honey of love. Can’t we all just get along, and hum in harmony to the music of a new, deeper kind of love. Love is feminine while to enhance it further needs the male ‘awareness’. The balance of the female and male is needed, but at this time, since the male has been so overwhelmingly dominate, the sensitive way is to support the more feminine into the time when a ‘balance’ is the best way of natures flow. Make love a state of your being.

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