Opium of Non Religious

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Opium of Non Religious
Karl Marx
November 5, 2012
Karl Marx the German philosopher, historian, and revolutionary was also known as the most influential socialist thinker of the 19th century. He was famous for coining the phrase, ‘religion is the opium of the masses’. Opium as a moniker for all drugs including alcohol abuse, legal, and otherwise is now days prevalent among those of religion as well as those NOT into religion! Religion is the mind control ‘opium’ fed through the mind, but perhaps more dangerous are the ‘opiums’ caused by the mind’s lack of awareness and discernment. Not too many years ago, the common heavy drug usage was alcohol, at least in the US. Today the #1 drug into the body is taken by all ages – sugar. Except taken in moderation or validated by a doctor, very few drugs are not harmful.

Recently, I head of a 28 year old chap that was bet by two girls, $3000 that he couldn’t go at it all day in the sack with them. To prove them wrong the Russian downed an entire bottle of Viagra and went for it. Twelve hours later, he won the bet… but died of a heart attack. Many drugs, legal or illegal, alter either one’s consciousness, or have possible damaging side effects.

Marx may have been correct in his assertion that religion is a vehicle of illusory happiness, and a means of oppression and social control, but it is by no means the only one. Fear by whatever means induced or made vulnerable to, is a form of psychological ‘opium’ that alters the mind, and even bodily functions. The human ego with all of it’s emotional manifestations, may be the most prevalent and common form of psychological drug known. Fueling all psychological mind alterations is the addiction to being attached.

Let the ‘opium’ be, your living life naturally as an ordinary human being! No need to use any game changer inside you. Be awake on you own energy void of anything that changes your awareness. Those few who have been and are ‘awake’, live in ordinariness, moment to moment, and as positive as they can be. Be in your heart. To open it more, let go, meditate and/or give and receive from you heart. Then nature takes possession of you. You will live spontaneously and without any ideology.  Let freedom be the greatest opium!

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