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I Am Jesus ( 6 of ? )
November 4, 2012
Something seems to have gone wrong with this organization or group called Christianity! I’m not going to refer to it as a ‘ship of fools’ because there seems to be a significant amount who are very serious, and with another large amount who are just ‘sailing along in tandem’ just using the ‘label’ thinking it’s the ship to follow to assure them a ‘shot’ or place in heaven. I have come back as have many folks who are in all walks of life from your homeless, your doctors, your carpenters, even your computer ‘nerds’. We all, connected somewhat spiritually and independently, would like to see the ‘misinterpretations’ corrected to undo what seems to have gone wrong.

It appears when I talk to Christians that they are not even open to what Jesus might have said and thought that no one recorded. No one at the time had a clue, nor should they have, that this was going to be a ‘mass movement’ to reach what some have said is a heaven where every moment is heavenly. That seems to mean that this faraway place is without right or wrongs, or maybe everyone who enters is above that, and the negative is abolished. I thing some extreme imagination has taken over many of this ‘group’.

Heaven is just a word identifying another dimension when one leaves your encasement of the soul that is called a body. That dimension has infinite levels or layers just like here on earth. There is nothing but a continuing process of leaving one dimension and going to another, possibly back here to earth to learn what religions should be teaching but have gone astray or off track. Is there an end, or a beginning, but maybe life is just always ‘starting’ with no end, and the beginning not yet started?

Are you who you are because of your circumstances, how you look, what you’ve done, or because you’ve bought into others perceptions or teachings of who they say you are? You are valuable, and a gift from the universe whatever you choose to call that, be it the undefinable word god. Religions are just a school to take you off the streets of going nowhere to create a focus in you, but not to marry the religion. There is always a time to ‘let go’ of attachments, even to a religion. In the meantime, learn through giving to others, and not just prayer. Make ‘prayer’ also your giving to everyone in need with no expectation of return. That will make you a better participant of the religion you are in, and prepare you to be one of the descendants of the spirit of a Jesus. All have the seed of being the ‘second coming’. It’s as easy as ABC! A is for divine intent; B is for to ‘Be’; and, C is to see or be aware – it all equals ‘divine love’.

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