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Jehovah’s Witness Mormon

photoNYC ’12 Feb 184 – South Street Seaport 12 – Jehovah’s Witness Watch Tower

November 3, 2012
RELIGION is a stepping stone to an even greater awareness. Yesterday morning, two attractive representatives of a ‘religion’ knocked on my door. The tall one, offered me information on one of my past lives (just kidding?). It’s not every morning two lovely girls knock on my door with a seduction – this one being ‘more spiritual’. My opening question was, ‘are you Mormons’ ? Of course, I knew they weren’t, and told them I knew as the were not wearing white shirts with ties as the other ‘knock-knocks’ do. She said they were Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I had to ask her one of my favorite questions to Christians, ‘are you a closed minded Christian, or an open minded one’? With a little look of, ‘I’ve never been asked that question, she indicated, ‘pretty much open minded’.  Then holding out a colored pamphlet, it prompted me to say I’d take it if she left her email. I mentioned before she could say yes or no, that I wrote 500 word essays daily as ‘soft spiritual shock talk’, and that my soul sister was a leading researcher of religions with respect to ‘truths & myths’. I informed her that a certain percentage of my writings were influenced by her words. After a short hesitation she said ‘yes’, and proceeded to leave her email on the pamphlet.

They left with a smile, and no expected proselytizing. Goes to show, people are really offering something beyond religion that I would call ‘wanting friendship’ and approval of their talking with you. People live in cages called the mind, and the mind fed from outside themselves. No religion has much merit that discourages their members to not think for answers outside their dictums. All religions deny fearing their members taking time to explore life’s answers on their own without their ‘dogma’. Anyone who says their way is the only way to a heaven is stuck in ‘mind control’, and of course will deny that.

Each religion has advantages and disadvantages over others even though they are worshipping the same god, and in the case of Christians, how they see heaven or hell. At least with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, heaven is available to all, but Mormon women don’t have it as easy. Most go to a lower form of heaven if Mormon, if they are lucky, and for the more devout male who is true to one woman here, he is entitled to as many women as he wants in the next life – kinda like the Muslim men who kill themselves for Islam, only then get 72 virgins.

Religion is for people as a stepping stone to learn the multitude of human divine behaviors that Jesus possessed. The Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses reach out to inform those who have no direction that they are a doorway ‘up the steps’ to a greater consciousness. Religion is for it’s participants to give to everyone including those who have no interest in their faith. The giving must not be limited to prayer but to food, shelter, medical help, or anything possible, and without expecting any thing in return. Love is the answer, for only with that will there be a deep connection with the true meaning of god.

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