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Oct. 31, 2012
There are two living, spiritual paths – one is love, the other is meditation. Both meet at the point of love, bliss and ‘self realization’. The road is wide for no path but day to day, and just struggling for ‘who knows what’? ‘Believing’ is a path the most traveled along with the path of ‘winging it’. Rowing a boat without any oars is akin to using no guide for love or meditation. You can think about it all you want along with the tangled web of the past that will go no where with no passion for direction, as a row boat needs oars or it drifts with the currents.

Rare is a member of humanity not in an emotional, mental, spiritual gridlock of their life. Most get stuck, and row against the current the rest of their lives beginning before adulthood. Breaking the ‘inner gridlock’ is not going to happen by success in any part of the outer world. That’s the illusion or maya that is the web or matrix of deception that most get entangled in. It’s ok to enjoy successes, but not to get attached to them so that they become a prison. ‘Non success’ attachment is also another prison.

The ‘path of love’ has historically been available, but rarely used with a passion that elevates one to a state of self realization and bliss. That doesn’t mean that you don’t feel love for others, things, animals, food, pleasure, etc. Spiritual love is to merge with godliness and consciousness. One hand clapping makes no sound, nor is it the path of love. Deep spiritual love needs resonance with another who is also in a let go to experience a surrender that changes the inner to a lightness of energy. In the West mostly, since the last half of the 20th century with its freedom of sexuality and from the bondages of societal restrictions that has haunted humans forever, the ‘floodgates’ of ‘love’s deep’ possibilities entered creating a new age of superconsciousness. Still, most fall into traps of the outer that swallow up the inner’s potential.

‘One hand clapping’, or meditation has been the favored ‘real spiritual path’ almost exclusively in the Middle East with India at the forefront. Those who want to be on the love path, but are caught in the web of unresolved issues will need to submit themselves to meditating that will slowly lighten the negative past into a let go where love begins to rise more and more. Love rarely doesn’t get stuck in a mire of negatives.
Meditation can release the chains of negativity. There is nothing more important than experiencing the peaks of love and awareness. There is no better time to break loose and unchain love.

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