I Am Jesus ( 5 of ? )

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I Am Jesus ( 5 of ? )
October 29, 2012
Personally, I would have little interest in all these churches that someone started centuries ago. As I’ve said before, I’m back anonymously and very ordinarily, but not as any second coming, at least not as these so called  leaders who run the churches say. Again, my so called second coming is YOU waking up with love, compassion, awareness, and having cleared all past negatives.

Many things I thought back then, and see as needed in the moment, but were never put down in these scriptures that are attributed to me. I hung out with people who couldn’t write anyway, and I’m sure there is no mention in your bible that someone took notes. I have little memory of what I said that far back, but it seems I’m in the same state now that was attributed to me then, however I think my adapting to the complex times has made me more aware.

One thing I see now that there are a few hundred thousand churches in the US, is that there is not enough activity in giving to others. I would have wanted then (not knowing things would be as they are) that everyone gathering and calling themselves Christians, know that you are here to serve as I imagine I must have. Breaking the bread and feeding many today really means serving those who need your help no matter their lot in life. Give in terms of food, shelter, medication, etc. To rise to the level of this one you refer to as Jesus is to be like him.

The ‘bread’ is you serving from your heart to others, especially non Christians, and without expecting anything in return. Jesus doesn’t need more followers, but for all present followers to rise above, and out of needing to worship him. This worshipping seems to make you a bit dull, smug, and erroneously thinking you are invited to go to some heaven and meet me. Not going to happen! I’m in you, but like bread dough in the oven, not risen and done yet. Worshipping is rising yourself in all the inner positive attributes. To do this will, in part, comes from learning in how to give to others just as YOU, and not using me as an endorsement that I don’t give for you to use.

Be yourself, love yourself, love another and another as Jesus would. Loving another without loving yourself won’t work either! There is no Jesus here, and it doesn’t matter if there ever was, I don’t remember, but if you’re still in the school of following Jesus, know that one day you must be YOU whatever your name is, male or female.  You will be free of all religions when your consciousness rises. First you must be free of who you think you are. This Jesus was above all beliefs, false images, including attachments to who he really wasn’t. Be a Jesus, or a Buddha, but as YOU!

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