Liberal is New ‘N’ Word

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Liberal is New ‘N’ Word
October 28, 2012
Why be in a ‘labeled box’? Isn’t it the ‘yellow brick road’ that leads into the ‘lion’s den’?

Manipulation and negative labeling by more rigid identities has become the controlling craft of those less open and tolerant. Those people that identify with a group, primarily political or religious, and who are less reflective of what’s called ‘right wing’ or conservative, have been negatively tagged as ‘liberal’. In fact the word has become identified with terms as, irresponsible, kooky, satanic, out there, lost, etc. for not adhering to ‘belief systems’ that have been either proven filled with ‘myths’ of erroneous facts, swept under the rug, or denied.

Those who are or have been, unconsciously tagged and accepting of being liberal, even though it is a more progressive place to be in, need to say what they really are, using words other than ‘liberal’ as it has become a whipping post of the more ‘closed minded’. Sometimes it’s better to carry ‘no label’ that identifies with an established credo, but to use more descriptive, positive words that don’t allow you to be labeled into a ‘class’ that is a ‘pounding board’ for those promoting a set ideology.

Always, the best road is the one using common sense, knowledge, and the power of positive thinking and feeling. Someone else’s road may not be yours. Jumping on the road of those who haven’t examined the facts and truth is to follow, and be the sheeple of life. Take the road least traveled, and hope that someday it becomes the most traveled, but don’t count on it. Those on a road that seems to be going no where, except to them, should be met either with your silence or careful, compassionate acceptance of who, and where they are at this time in life.

Be like a parachute, with an open mind and heart to better ways that have your imprint on them from wisdom and experience. Why be a follower when you are the miracle to be here as ‘you’ for this brief time in infinite years of the past. The leader is YOU in consciousness, no less than any who has walked before you. Let no label be your Achilles heal, while in your heart and awareness you will be the spirit that all religions seek in everyone.
NOTE: Ever hear of a University with a Conservative Arts program?

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