Renting an Organ

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Renting an Organ
October 25, 2012
Prostitutes, sex workers, escorts, or whatever name they go by, generally rent their organ(s) for up to an hour. Most cultures frown upon, and have laws that penalize the woman, rarely punishing the male ‘john’. It’s a misogynistic, anti female world that pretends to be loving, and respectful to women. The world still continues to be run by the needs of the male organ from which their brain receives significant motives for most things they do. Be it ‘Hollywood with it’s casting couch’ and it’s semi-obligatory secretive rule to perform sex both homosexual and heterosexual to get a favorable acting job to God’s houses of worship, sex is rampant for money or to look good in the eyes of god, and on and on.

My suggestion to have some positive control on short rental prostitution is to have a state by state authority to regulate it favoring the female. Normally only male ‘johns’ should be arrested, and not the female. Funds fined could be used for counseling and education of both. Males should be required to have a license for female organ renting, and that especially includes married men who would need their wives signature. Mandatory counseling would be a must for the male felon. Sex for most males is a ‘testosterone drug’ that is habit forming in ways detrimental to the female, and like all drugs, needs regulation

Marriage is one of the most popular ways for a male to rent, or actually buy a vagina to take care of some of his lower brain needs while only giving what’s necessary to keep the rental/purchase. Millions of women get so caught up in their expected obligations that they don’t see themselves as virtually ‘prostitutes’. Self worth is a quality that everyone, especially females need to develop. Every woman, before marrying, needs to be honest as to whether they love themselves, as loving a partner will be even more challenging. No one needs to sell themselves for someone else’s satisfaction that will likely disappear in the throes of trying to live a ‘fairy tale’.

Before selling or renting yourself, it’s a good idea to reach inside, and find out who you really are. Men need to focus on what they can contribute to a woman while expecting nothing in return. We ‘rent life’, no need to sell ourselves to someone else, or have to buy love while cheating, and not giving enough to who we claim to love. Life is a celebration opportunity, and at no ones expense!

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