One Problem in Life!

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One Problem in Life

October 22, 2012
Love is the only problem in life. Escape from love in its full beauty seems to be the unconscious quest of humans. Some exist in life avoiding it with every excuse possible. Life then is empty or shallow – always looking, even if denying it, but never finding. In many parts of the world, as here in the US, there has never in history been a better time for finding love with another. In the land of the ‘spiritual’ of India, due to the caste system, and a general oppressive culture, love between two in a healthy way was, and is still, next to impossible, hence the rise of yoga and meditation where no one else is needed to rise in consciousness.

On the other hand, to those disavowing in lockstep all abilities to let go and love, is the negative opposite who are eager to love but are unhealthily attached where that ‘clinging’ creates all sort of miseries from lack of communication, jealousies, possessiveness and other poisons of misuse of love from ‘holding back’ some of it. Everyone has signed up for a life that for many is the greatest moment in life on earth to reach the peaks of a superconsciousness.

Follow your own nature, and your own nature is consciousness. Make life one of chasing the outside with little inner cognizance, and love will only come in rotating ‘light and dark’ experiences. Life for most is like a garden, but full of weeds from the ego that are very stubborn to clear as they will come back relentlessly without a full reservoir of  the silence of love. Deep love and meditation are ‘weed killers’. Consciousness is like a fragile orchid that needs to be in a conscious environment without ‘weeds’ to grow fully. A rose or an orchid needs a certain amount of light, water, and fertilizer as love to survive. The same with love, only an open heart with awareness and discernment is needed.

Those who don’t want to, or are fearful of entering love regard it as troubled waters, and use to become nuns or monks. Today this same type live in hope that’s hopeless due to their retardation of self growth. More and more this type find some semblance of love with pets like a cat or dog. The reason is not that love is dangerous, but that they are afraid or to lazy to pull the weeds in their garden.

Love must be without attachments that come from the ego. Love in freedom creates its own bliss, contentment, and all truths to the heart. Love is one huge problem or blessing in life that begins and ends with YOU!

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