Hallucinating Sheeple

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Hallucinating Sheeple
October 20, 2012
When you live from someone else’s words, and seemingly can’t survive on your own terms, you live by ‘hallucinating’! Hallucinations are lies, or in other words false or distorted sensory experiences appearing as real perceptions that are believed. These sensory impressions are created by one’s own mind instead of outside stimuli. The hallucinations may be seen, heard, felt, channeled, smelled of even tasted. Borrowed information not open to critical evaluation are symptoms of hallucinating. People who think fantasy is not so, but real, create support for their case, and avoid all confrontation to their fantasies.

Living in a bubble with rose colored glasses seems real to the participant, but always the participant has a shield, or wall of denial that protects them from anyone attempting to pop the bubble of self deception. Wise people generally see the mental distortion, and skillfully avoid the flak that likely comes from confronting the one in illusion. There is a saying that, ‘you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip’.

This Summer, on one sunny afternoon at my free speech display in Port Townsend, Wa., I noticed an average looking girl in her twenties reading one of my 30 dry erase boards to provoke thinking. Apparently she read one that had to do with questioning the validity of the alleged historical Jesus. She approached me, and asked if she could pray for me. I’ve learned after 18 years of doing ‘provocative writings both here, and in LA to mostly ‘go along’ with ‘believers’ exercising little confrontation. I said ‘fine’, thinking it would be a 30 second prayer. How wrong I was! Five minutes later with tears rolling down her cheeks she ended the verbal prayer! Baffled, I said thank you, and she left.

MIllions are living in ‘hallucinations’ from many different religions and their sects. All reason outside of their belief in the doctrines are always blocked out – impenetrable! On rare occasion, something in life burrows it’s way through the matrix of religions inner persecution. Attempting to change their thought process is next to impossible. It’s like an invisible poison that controls them into deafening submission. They have become drunk, and addicted to a particular religion not realizing that it could be a ‘stepping stone’ to going beyond into a world of consciousness or spiritual as the purported saviors or prophets did. The ‘cloud’ of belief is so thick, that it’s virtually impossible to open it without their submission to be open.

To be released from hallucination is to make a choice to be open with awareness. Scientifically researched information is easily available for the first time in history to help de-program into a higher, free consciousness! Follow the scriptures in your heart!

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