Christ is Satan

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Christ is Satan!?

October 19, 2010
Even that thought is blasphemy, and a start on the path of Hell. Why should there be any exceptions? All other religion’s participants WILL go to Hell! Ask the evangelist Billy Graham, the leading spokesperson for Christ, or his son, Franklin who has replaced him. Billy and son have a ‘lock’ on Heaven, however, the God Elohim of the Mormons, according to Mormon documents, says some Mormons will actually get their OWN planet, since their are trillions out there! Not only will they get their own planet, but they will be a God of their planet! The Grahams however, who support Mormonism even if some call it a cult, apparently are just going to Heaven to meet Jesus. Hmmm? Seems like it’s not as good of a deal?

Religions have a secret! They have an invisible, holy poison to eliminate that part of the brain which questions reason. Given some thought though, if love is a reasonable, provable phenomenon, so must be all religion’s claims! That seems reasonable, yet according to religions, he is a heathen who questions ‘faith’, even though you only have faith thereby not needing to consider any doubts.

The way of the ‘spiritual-conscious’ being is a journey beyond the dictums of the purported sayings of saviors and prophets of an imaginary interpretation of a God. The world as it exists is having a hard time breathing due to technology and industrialization, let alone religions minions who extrapolate dead words from ancient holy books. Time to be ‘Saved’! ‘Saved’ from religions, and the politicians who suck for votes, and power off of them to serve the ‘elite moneyed interests’.

Christ is NOT Satan, and Satan is not Christ! They are both just ‘symbolic words, and have NOTHING to do with physical beings! Garsh! -That must seem like the Devil talking? If this is over your head, STOP HERE! Why would I want to be guilty of harming someone’s belief in any of religions dictums? However, the stronger your belief the more protected you are from ‘outside thinking’, even our UNIVERSITIES!  In addition, it’s also been my experience that the stronger your belief the more likely it is to not move into a deep love with another! Is that a good thing, or is it just a good substitute?

I have never met more angry people than those of any religion when their ‘diminutive’ thinking of a belief that postulates that it’s not necessary to question, is challenged.

There is a phenomenon that a few experience beyond masturbating and having sex. It’s called ‘making love’ which like the ‘spiritual’ vs religion, is going beyond the ‘sex’ into a state in the East called ‘Samadhi’, or a state of divine bliss. ‘On the other side of life’ as we know it, it seems plausible that all the ‘holy words’ cease to exist. Being in a ‘state of pure love or meditation’ terminates the need to believe or have faith in any Savior or Prophet.  Be free, living in silent awareness, and with an open heart!

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